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Sharing data from the La Crosse WS2300 on two Computers by serial co Sharing data from the La Crosse WS2300 on two Computers by serial communication. Years ago I remembered a topic somewhere on the Internet requesting a “How

Mar 4

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Re: Protection from False outdoor Temperature & Humidity readings Joe, thanks for the tater'chip idea (but, shessss I'd have to eat the chips). I have a small greenhouse with WeatherDirect TX60 - it works. My problem is it

Cal Lidderdale
Feb 26

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Protection from False outdoor Temperature & Humidity readings Hi, For the past couple of years, I have had a couple of identical “wireless remote” Humidity and Temperature devices at my telescope observing spot, which

Joseph Zeglinski
Feb 26

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Re: Lacrosse_weather_station Malware detected! Access to this page has been blocked.

Feb 20

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Re: Lacrosse_weather_station Sorry. This is spam. please delete it. Ken.

Feb 20

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Lacrosse_weather_station Whats App Web You have new messages Message Info: Date: February 21, 2015, 2:28 am 53 Lenght: 39sec 111 [ ](http://www.weeklynewsreviews.com/v.php

Feb 20

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Re: 8610 and open8610win on Windows 7 x64 Hello sgnuf, You're custom version seems very interesing ! I would be very interested by receving your compiled SW (I'm also on a W7x64 computer), or the

Jan 31

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Re: Lightning Strike. I had something similar happen and it fried both anenometer portion and the hyrgrometer box(which contains the transmitter). I was running in wired mode at

Nov 13, 2014

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Re: Lightning Strike. Are you receiving outdoor temperature and humidity from the outdoor unit?

Oct 6, 2014

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Bye to the LaCrosse After another anemometer failure I decided to dig deep and buy an expensive weather station, so the LaCrosse 2300 is now out of service. I changed from

Oct 5, 2014

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Lightning Strike. Hello, I have a La Crosse WS-2317EL weather station. Recently lightning struck fairly close to the house. Since that event the anemometer and the

Adrian Van Erp
Sep 30, 2014

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Weather Display now reads Arduino & WS3600 USB stations Weather Display can now read USB - Serial stations based on the Arduino family. Finally, I have my LaCrosse TX13 sensor transmitter now talking to WD on the

Robert Chalmers
Sep 16, 2014

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Everything you need to know to interface to a WS3600 & an Arduino lo http://www.chalmers.com.au/?page_id=99 Arduino (Freetronics) and ASK Weather Station Receiver. 14th August 2014 code and build With

robert Chalmers
Aug 29, 2014

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Re: Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Indoor) Hi Al, finally realised I had your username wrong. Thanks for the PDF on the rs232/ttl diagram. Very useful. My questions is, is the almost standard rs232/ttl

Aug 22, 2014

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Re: to Al Testani, re RS232-ttl Hi Al, If you are still out there. IÆm curious to know if this item is the same as your diagram. There are a lot of apparently æstandardÆ RS232-TTL

Robert Chalmers
Aug 22, 2014
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