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Tues., 7/10 in NYC: Egypt Revolution Report Back

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    Please RSVP, re-post and forward widely: https://www.facebook.com/events/334927466581462/ WHY EGYPT MATTERS: IMPORTANT REPORT BACK FROM EGYPT S REVOLUTION U.S.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2012
      Please RSVP, re-post and forward widely: 

      U.S. Lawyers & Activists Return from Fact-Finding Mission to Egypt

      Tuesday, July 10, 2012, 7:00pm

      33 West 14th Street New York, NY

      Join us for an updated analysis on one of the most important people's movements of our time.

      Followed by Strategy Session: Building a Global Solidarity Movement

      Speakers: Hoda Mitwally, Coalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution; NLG Egypt Delegation Members Suzanne Adely, Lamis Deek, Michael Letwin; Ali Issa, War Resisters League and OWS Global Justice Working Group


      U.S. activists, lawyers, and scholars recently took part in a fact-finding mission to Egypt aimed at studying Egypt's ongoing revolution, investigating the role and responsibility of the U.S. government and corporations in human rights abuses against the Egyptian people, and documenting the ways in which more than thirty years of U.S. military and economic intervention has violated Egypt's popular sovereignty and locked the country in a web of international debt.

      Recent decrees reinforcing the power of the military regime, escalations in violence against protesters, increased arbitrary detentions, military trials, and further restrictions on worker's rights to organize, all indicate that the Egyptian revolution is under threat. The U.S. government and corporations have played and continue to play a pivotal role in maintaining a repressive regime in Egypt.

      Now more than ever, it is vital that we in the United States hold the U.S. government alongside corporations accountable for their complicity in the crimes committed by Egypt's repressive regime.

      In every way, Egypt's fight is our fight. Egyptians are the 99%, fighting for social, political and economic justice. The same 1% that arms the Egyptian dictatorship commits systematic violence in this country against the Occupy movement; antiwar and solidarity activists; and Arabs, Muslims, and other communities of color.

      We ask you to join us in mobilizing to defend our Egyptian brothers and sisters as we build towards a long-term, international campaign to defend their revolution and the global revolution for dignity, freedom and social justice.

      SPONSORED BY: NYCoalition to Defend the Egyptian Revolution
      CO-SPONSOR: National Lawyers Guild-International Committee

      ENDORSERS: OWS Global Justice Working Group, Havaar: Iranian Initiative Against War, Sanctions and State Repression, DRUM Desis Rising Up and Moving, Labor for Palestine, NYC Labor Against the War, International Socialist Organization, United National Antiwar Coalition-NYC, International Action Center, Socialist Action, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, TUPOCC-NY Chapter......

      For more information or to endorse: www.defendegyptianrevolution.org and defendegyptianrevolution@...
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