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RE: [LX200GPS] Need some "computer help"

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  • Todd Brower
    In my quest for laptop serial ports, I ve found some different solutions. One of them is a pcmcia (pccard) that has two serial ports these _are_ hard ports and
    Message 1 of 36 , Jul 1 12:10 AM
      In my quest for laptop serial ports, I've found some different solutions.
      One of them is a pcmcia (pccard) that has two serial ports these _are_ hard
      ports and not converted ports so they should work fine with software that
      expects interrupts which is usually why some software will not work with
      converters. They are a bit pricey for serial ports as I don't think they
      are devices in demand... I will say though that they should handle the
      higher speeds with ease... Here's one of them:


      but you may want to shop around if you would like to go this route...
      The other solution is to look for a docking station for your particular
      laptop. Sometimes there are a variety of docking stations or port
      replicator options that may or may not include extra serial ports.... I'll
      noodle on it a bit more but that's all I can come up with right now.

      Good Luck Doc!,
      Austin Todd

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      > From: Clay Sherrod [mailto:sherrodc@...]
      > Sent: Monday, July 01, 2002 1:55 AM
      > To: LX GPS; LX200 Classic
      > Subject: [LX200GPS] Need some "computer help"
      > Hello to all -
      > Because of some other special circumstances for hookup, I am
      > having trouble
      > running BOTH my LX 200 and my STV CCD off of one
      > computer....both require
      > "Serial Ports" for proper operation. So, I am looking at a
      > SECOND laptop
      > computer to drive one of our three STVs in my Conway observatory.
      > I run Starry Night Pro which does very rapid comet acquisition and
      > computer-controlled slewing of them in rapid succession for
      > nightly imaging
      > (up to 22 per night). Presently I am running the Starry
      > Night Pro via the
      > BELKIN serial-to-parallel converter and I keep losing my
      > connection through
      > Time Outs and believe the problem is in the converter or the
      > fact that I am
      > not able to run my rs 232 direct into the IBM's serial port -
      > it only has
      > one.
      > Need some help here from all our computer gurus.....
      > Presently I am running
      > it off of an IBM Thinkpad with the single COM1 "true serial
      > port" that it
      > will plug via the download cable directly into for transfer
      > of STV data onto
      > the computer. However, it appears that I MUST have that
      > dedicated serial
      > port for another telescope application so I am thinking of a
      > just to run the STV (or the telescope)...but it, too does not
      > have even ONE
      > serial port....
      > Here is my question: this new laptop (Gateway Pentium II w/
      > 4gig HD) does
      > NOT have a true serial port, but has everything else: Here
      > is how it is
      > described:
      > ".... has a PII 266Mhz system, 160mb Ram and Ati
      > video. Looking at the left side of the laptop there is the
      > volume control,
      > ear phone jacks, the battery pack, 2 USB ports and what looks
      > like a T.V.
      > out jack (yellow). Looking at the back it has a printer port,
      > some real long
      > port , I guess it is LP2, a monitor port, and accessory port
      > (.......where I
      > plug in the rs232 for Starry Night Pro??) There is also an
      > infrared eye
      > back there as well. On the right side is the a/c jack,
      > keyboard/mouse jack,
      > 2 pcmcia ports ............"
      > With these accessory ports, WHICH ONE will provide the best
      > connection for
      > downloads from the STV, OR run the scope via Starry Night
      > Pro, and what kind
      > of adapters are necessary? I do have the BELKIN "Serial to
      > Parallel" port
      > adapter that works very well....would that be the ideal hookup for the
      > downloads?
      > I really must free up this serial port adapter and am looking
      > at the ideal
      > way of doing this but NOT losing download capability of the
      > STV which we use
      > at this observatory for nightly comet patrols to image comets to 18th
      > magnitude.
      > Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
      > NOTE: One of our problems is that the STV defaults to ONLY
      > COM 1 and COM 2
      > via STV Remote software; "COM 2" on the IBM is the printer
      > port (which we do
      > NOT use)...is there anyway to adapt the printer port to
      > accept the STV,
      > thereby freeing up the IBM's COM 1 for our other requirement?
      > If so, then I
      > could get by with ONE computer. The parallel port that the
      > BELKIN converter
      > is presently linked through is plugged into COM 3.....
      > (can you tell that I have NO idea what I am doing when it
      > comes to computer
      > hardware??)
      > Thanks to all.......
      > Dr. Clay
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      > Arkansas Sky Observatory
      > www.arksky.org
      > Clay
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    • mtoconnor2001
      You re welcome Doc. I m happy to return the favor. My Keyspan adapter has the following part number: P/N USA-19QW. It does LOOK like the Belkin but that is
      Message 36 of 36 , Jul 3 2:55 AM
        You're welcome Doc. I'm happy to return the favor. My Keyspan
        adapter has the following part number: P/N USA-19QW.

        It does LOOK like the Belkin but that is where the similarity ends.

        Good Luck!
        Mike O'Connor

        --- In LX200GPS@y..., "Clay Sherrod" <sherrodc@i...> wrote:
        > Belkin is what I am using as well...that gives me a clue here. I
        will go to Little Rock tomorrow and search out the Keyspan...does it
        have any numbers or do they just make one type?
        > Thanks Mike...appreciate the help.
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        > From: mtoconnor2001
        > To: LX200GPS@y...
        > Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 7:07 PM
        > Subject: [LX200GPS] Re: Need some "computer help"
        > Hi Doc,
        > I'm a little late to the dance but you mention in your post that
        > already have 2 usb ports in your existing laptop. Before you
        > the big bucks on a new laptop you might want to try a serial to
        > adapter. Initially I tried a Belkin and had no success. I then
        > purchased a Keyspan adapter from CompUSA. It costs a few bucks
        > than the Belkin but it performs flawlessly, without any breaks
        > the connection.
        > Good luck!
        > Regards,
        > Mike O'Connor
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