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Re: Going to Unnamed Stars

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  • kinglear3
    Dick thanks for the quick response. Leary
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31 11:18 PM
      thanks for the quick response.

      --- In LX200GPS@yahoogroups.com, "autostaretx" <rseymour@...> wrote:
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      > > Can anyone tell me how I can use the Lx200 GPS to go to unnamed
      > > stars/multiples. I can use the NGC, iIC, SAO & Caldwell modes &
      > > can enter the right ascension and declination via the "User Object
      > > "identified mode, but don't know how to enter stars identified by
      > > the greek alphabet (i.e. Hercules beta or Leo gamma,...etc),
      > > Zeta 2404, Omicron 358 or LDN 673.
      > There are many of them listed under the Stars/multiple menu,
      > but they're painful to scroll through.
      > Most of the "greek" ones are under the Objects/Constellation menus.
      > It's far easier to hook up a laptop and use a planetarium program, or
      > Astroplanner (shareware from http://www.ilangainc.com/astroplanner )
      > to quick hop around a complex catalog.
      > There are literally -hundreds- of catalogs, so the Autostar isn't
      > going to have them all (what's an LDN? Little Dark Nebulae?)
      > have fun
      > --dick
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