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Re: what comes first? tracking problems Hi Dick, Thank you so much for the reply. I definately have + so fixing that is going to help a lot. It also explains why 35 was worse again. I have a solar
12:06 AM
Home position sensor part numbers I'm looking for the photo diode and led part numbers for the home position sensor on a 12" lx200acf or any info if this assembly is available from Meade. Any
8:46 PM
Re: starting up Thanks Dick -it's just getting dark now, so I'm about to follow your instructions. Will report back. Robert
1:04 PM
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Re: starting up You can start by turning off "Brightest Star" so that it actually tells you *which* star it really wants. (you can also tap the "?" key when it's asking for
8:53 AM
Re: what comes first? tracking problems You are facing a number of problems: (a) the custom tracking should be -3 (MINUS 3).. the sun moves "slower" than sidereal. (b) the "-3" is a loose
8:31 AM
what comes first? tracking problems Hi Everyone I have dusted off the LX200 but am having some real trouble with long tracking especially when the mount tracks in the west. I am using the mount
7:52 AM
starting up I'm having major problems with my LX200 GPS telescope. I purchased it in August 2012 but I have yet to have even one night observing and so I'm nowhere near
7:47 AM
Re: Strange behaviour on boot I found an old controller that still worked except for the display. I tried this and it made no difference, so I don't think it is the hand controller.
Apr 19
Re: Strange behaviour on boot Hi all, I have checked all the connections onto the main board and it still won't boot properly. Will the scope boot without the hand controller plugged in?
Apr 18
Re: Strange behaviour on boot Hi Bob, I already tried to connect to the scope from the computer. It isn't allowing me to connect. I will try to dry it out and see what happens. Thanks,
Apr 18
Re: Strange behaviour on boot the handset does Not control the scope--computer is inside the base. connect the scope to a computer and see if all is OK -- if it is then the hand set "may"
Apr 18
Re: Random slew - what the hecks going on? Hello Geof, my astro society (Letchworth in the UK) has a 14" LX200GPS which we bought used about 4 years ago. It used to do what you describe; sudden slews
Apr 18
Strange behaviour on boot Hi. I tried to use my LX200GPS for the first time in over a month tonight. It has been terrible weather for the last month or so, and the humidity has been
Apr 18
Re: Random slew - what the hecks going on? Hi Dick, Thanks for your reply and I hope that you are right that it was temporary glitch - no doubt time will tell. I will certainly give the handset keys a
Apr 18
Re: Random slew - what the hecks going on? It could be as simple as moisture or conductive dust trapped under the handbox keypad sheet causing "magic" button-presses. I'd spend some time "exercising"
Apr 17
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Re: Spacer for LX200GPS Hi, You've received all correct answers, I figured I'd just add my two cents. Regardless of what ever adapter your able to machine the Meade 3.3FR is not
Apr 17
Random slew - what the hecks going on? Hi everyone, I purchased a preowned 10" LX200GPS almost exactly 2 years ago and have used it frequently without any issues until last night. I had set a
Apr 17
Re: OT: Working to get official Dark Skies recognition for local Sta Excellent Mike and good luck with this! We now have three officially designated "dark sky" parks in Michigan. Best Regards, Tim
Timothy Campbell
Apr 16
OT: Working to get official Dark Skies recognition for local State P A preliminary meeting with the International Dark-Sky Association and Arizona State Parks indicated that receiving an ôInternational Dark Sky Parkö
Michael Weasner
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS I was referring to this webpage http://www.meade.com/accessories/premium/ http://www.meade.com/accessories/premium/ where they list both the 3.3 and the 6.3.
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS Charles, They don't even list the 3.3 as a photography accessory anymore, only the 6.3. The 50mm is the spacing for the 3.3, but it can be used at shorter
Don Degidio
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS I've seen that claim before, but Meade's website makes no distinction between the two reducers, it simply states in the same pane as both reducers "– optimal
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS Charles, The spacing for the 3.3 is 50mm. The new style 6.3 listed on Meade's website is 45mm. Don ... From: To:
Don Degidio
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS Hi Sid, In addition to the answers you have already been given, keep in mind that the optimal spacing for the 3.3 reducer is 45mm (as listed on the Meade
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS That's correct. The 3.3 will only produce a 13mm fully illuminated circle.  Don Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Galaxy S4 ... From: "Blair, Grant"
Don Degidio
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS Echoing Chuck's comments - the F3.3 reducer will not produce pleasing results with an APS-C sensor. And even worse with a full-frame. If you can get the
Blair, Grant
Apr 16
Re: Spacer for LX200GPS The 3.3 reducer corrector is very hard to work with as it requires a very close connection to the chip. It should (must ) be connected directly to the scope
chuck kimball
Apr 15
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Re: Spacer for LX200GPS Sid, That is not a spacer, that is a SCT Thread to 2" adapter to allow the focal reducer (or any SCT Thread accessory) to be used in a 2" drawtube. How are you
Don Degidio
Apr 15
Spacer for LX200GPS I just bought a Meade 3.3 FR to use on my 10" LX200GPS. After trying many setups and combination to try and get my Canon DSLR to come into focus. I finally was
Apr 15
Re: Newbie question Alistair G. that helps alot for the great overveiw....will also look into getting those eyepieces as I really didnt get to much with my telescope, was
Apr 14
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