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Stranger Safety Workshop - "The Safe Side"

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  • Elissa Wahl
    MARCH IS NATIONAL SAFETY MONTH! And Saturday, March 24th is Safety Day! So in honor of this, I am hosting a  Safe Side Safety Workshop   on Friday, March
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2012
      And Saturday, March 24th is Safety Day!

      So in honor of this, I am hosting a 
      "Safe Side Safety Workshop" 
      Friday, March 23rd @ Sahara West Library @ 11:30a.

      Think you taught your children the proper "do's" and "dont's" of "Stranger Safety"?
      What you and I were raised to understand and believe were the best defenses in protecting ourselves against the 
      "dangers of strangers" 
      may not be as secure as we once thought!

      For example ....
      Have your children been taught that all family and friends are safe? Yes?

      Think Your Kids Are Completely Prepared for Stranger Safety?

      Do they know EXACTLY what to do and who to go to in the event of getting separated from you? 
      Go to the nearest woman? Begin a search for you by calling for you?

      Do they know how to respond if they were to find themselves in a dangerous situation? 
      Why wonder? Be prepared!!

      When it comes to the safety of our children ... it takes the "Better Safe Than Sorry" to a WHOLE different level!!

      Not all "bad guys"come with candy and a trench coat while hiding in the bushes!

      Do you AND your children know how to prepare yourselves ~ both at home and while away ~ to keep dangerous situations from happening?

      Stranger safety lessons are always important. And as we approach the riskier times of year ~ such as warm weather and holidays ~ when we spend a lot of time outside of the home ~ it is a great time to drive these lessons home!!

      Think Being At Home is 100% Safe? 
      Yep! Think Again!!

      Maybe you have done an awesome job at teaching your children the best ways to stay safe!! And that is wonderful! But a little extra SAFE SIDE education never hurt!

      As a regular activity hostess, I can tell you that everyone (definitely myself included) can use some extra tips. 
      Some parents have called me paranoid ~ but honestly ... better to be paranoid than ... well than sorry. 

      I am a Certified "Safe Side Stranger Safety" Educator, and it would be an honor to teach you what I have learned along the way. 

      I have taught this Workshop for several years at our local Family-To-Family, as well as the Mommy&Me West Organization, and a couple of times through the Homeschool Groups. 

      And now that outdoor weather is upon us, it is a great time to get some extra tips and tricks in to keep our families safe! 

      Think You Know Just How Dangerous It Is Our There?

      The Ugly Truth
      Unfortunately, Las Vegas is a national hub for kidnapping and child sex trafficking. 
      So I am encouraging you ~ from the bottom of my heart ~ to come spend a couple of hours with me at the 
      Stranger Safety Workshop!

      "The Safe Side" was created by John Walsh, host of America's Most Wanted; a father who lost his son in the worst possible way. Afterward, he devoted his life to helping catch criminals and keep families safe. 
      So John, alongside "Baby Einstein" Creator ~ Julie Clark ~ put together an awesome curriculum for school groups and families that has been completely designed to teach children the best and most modern ways of spotting danger and staying safe! 
      And you are gonna LOVE it!!

      The Workshop
      The Workshop Will Include ...

      Most Importantly ~ the Lesson Video (Educational AND Hilarious!! The kids LOVE it!)
      Curriculum Handouts (This curriculum is designed for parents to continue safety education at home ~ in a fun way!)
      Child ID Kits ~ Each Family will leave with a kit for each child!
      Games & Activities ~ After the video, we will play some "role-playing" games to give the kids examples and see how much they understand! 
      Resources For Parents ~ For every family, I will provide a curriculum and other resources to best help you know how to be aware of the dangers around you ~ in your own neighborhoods. As well I will share tips & tricks on YOUR side of keeping your family safe! 

      SIGNING UP ....

      RSVP's are mandatory!!! I MUST have an exact headcount prior to the event! 
      LVHSG & Connections Members: RSVP via Database. If you are bringing friends ~ either non-group family or friends, please add all to your headcount. The databases will be up this evening. 
      All Other Homeschoolers or Groups~ Please RSVP to me directly @ Sevenwndrs@... 
      Please Include:
      First & Last Name
      # Adults Attending
      Names & Ages of ALL Children Attending
      Contact Email & Cell # 

      ALL RSVP's must be in no later than Sunday, March 18th ~ giving me plenty of time to prep via headcount, OR to cancel should we not meet headcount requirements. 
      We will need at least 8 families or more to continue with event. I pay the same amount for room rental regardless of headcount. The fee is substantial as is preparation. So there must be a certain amount of participation to put the work into it. And it is more than worth it to me!! :) 

      The fee for this event is $3 per child. This is a non-profit fee. The money goes directly into assisting me a bit with the cost of room rental, printed resources, special guest, etc. 
      HOWEVER ~ I do NOT want this fee to get in the way of your attendance. So if payment will be a problem for you but you really want to attend ~ contact me via email. 

      I can't wait!! You guys are gonna love this!!

      Many Blessings!! 

      Heather McDonald
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