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Recycling News! Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Announces Launch of Carton Recycling in City of Los Angeles

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  • Karen Gilman
    From: Jimmy Tokeshi Date: Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 2:57 PM Subject: MEDIA RELEASE - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Carton Council
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      From: Jimmy Tokeshi <jimmy.tokeshi@...>

      Date: Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 2:57 PM
      Subject: MEDIA RELEASE - Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Carton Council Announce Launch of Carton Recycling in City of Los Angeles
      To: Jimmy Tokeshi <jimmy.tokeshi@...>


      Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and the Carton Council Announce Launch of Carton Recycling in City of Los Angeles
      Divert Food and Beverage Cartons from Landfills -- Largest City in
      California to Implement this Environmentally Progressive Program that
      Delivers Landfill Cost Savings

      LOS ANGELES, CA (June 14, 2011) — Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
      announced today that the City of Los Angeles in tandem with the Carton
      Council, a collaborative of carton manufacturers committed to expanding
      carton recycling in the U.S., has launched a new initiative to recycle
      food and beverage cartons as part of its residential curbside recycling
      program.  Los Angeles will be the largest of the over 200 cities across
      California which already have carton recycling programs. 

      "Los Angeles continues striving toward being the greenest city in
      the nation.  That is why the City of Los Angeles has partnered with the
      Carton Council  to make sure that liquid food and  beverage cartons are
      not left to the landfills but are recycled in the most responsible and
      efficient way possible," said Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa. 
      "Successful collaborations, initiatives and public private partnerships
      have made Los Angeles a national leader in environmental stewardship and
      this program is another step in the right direction."

      Beginning immediately, residential households can place all empty,
      clean and dry food and beverage cartons in the recycling bin – such as
      milk and juice cartons, along with soup and broth, soy milk and wine

      Carton recycling represents and advances the City’s campaign, “On
      the Road to Zero Waste.”  The Bureau of Sanitation is now diverting and
      recycling 65-percent of the City's 10.1 million tons of solid waste each
      year – more than any big city in nation.  The City’s goal is to achieve
      a 70-percent diversion rate from landfill by 2013.  Carton recycling is
      expected to deliver an additional 430 tons of materials from the solid
      waste stream in its first year.  

      The recycled carton paper fibers are a valuable resource for making
      new products, and consist of some of the highest quality fiber among
      recyclable products.  Consequently, cartons have global demand and are
      shipped to paper mills, where the paper fiber is extracted to make new
      products such as recycled paper products and even building materials. 
      The results of carton recycling will support cost savings to City
      ratepayers in reduced landfill tipping fees and increase revenue
      generation for the additional recyclable materials recovered and sold to
      the best available market.

      “Carton recycling is another win for city residents, for cost
      savings to ratepayers and for the environment,” said Enrique C.
      Zaldivar, Director of City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation.  “Tell
      your family, neighbors, and friends, the City of Los Angeles is now
      recycling cartons in the blue recycling bin!”

      Following up on the success of the plastics recycling campaigns and
      the ''New to Blue'' campaign, City officials explained that Angelenos
      only need to place empty, clean and dry cartons into their recycling bin
      along with their other recyclables.  This new recycling initiative will
      add no additional costs or hassle to residents, and will serve 750,000
      single family households and more than 430,000 multi-family units in the
      City of Los Angeles.

      “We commend the City of Los Angeles for setting an example for
      cities across the nation to recycle cartons and keep them out of
      landfills.  The Carton Council is committed to working with the entire
      recycling supply chain to deliver sustainable recycling solutions in
      order to divert valuable cartons from the landfill to the highest and
      best use,” said Jeff Fielkow, Vice President of Recycling for the Carton
      Council.  “We are committed to working with other cities to take this
      important step to expand their recycling programs.”

      About City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation: The Bureau of
      Sanitation protects public health and the environment through the
      administration and management of three major programs: Clean Water
      (wastewater treatment), Solid Resources (solid waste management) and
      Watershed Protection (pollution abatement of stormwater/urban runoff).
      These infrastructure programs collect, treat, dispose and recycle the
      solid and liquid waste generated by the nation's second largest city of
      more than four million residents in a 468 square mile area. Through
      these essential programs, the Bureau delivers a triple bottom line of
      economic, environmental and social benefits that sustain and enhance the
      quality of life in the City of Los Angeles.  For more information about
      the Bureau of Sanitation, visit www.lacitySAN.org.

      About the Carton Council: The Carton Council and its members
      Elopak, Evergreen Packaging, SIG/SIG Combibloc and Tetra Pak are working
      with recycling facilities, the communities they serve, and paper mills
      across the Country to build a robust recycling system for liquid food
      and beverage carton packages - i.e. milk and juice cartons found in the
      refrigerated case or cartons merchandised on nonrefrigerated shelves,
      containing products such as juice (juice boxes), soy, broth, soup, wine
      and meal replacement beverages.  As of January 2011, the Carton
      Council's Carton Recycling Access Campaign has already reached nearly 35
      million households (nearly 1 in 3 American households).  And it is
      actively working to add communities to this list with a goal of reaching
      an additional 30 million U.S. households by 2015. Visit www.recyclecartons.com


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      CJ Frogozo, (310) 570-2622

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