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Crime in Windsor Sqaure

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  • Tara
    There were two incidents May 24 and 25 of attempted break-ins, but please find below a block captain s report prior to yesterday s incident. Here is a summary
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2011
      There were two incidents May 24 and 25 of attempted break-ins, but please find below a block captain's report prior to yesterday's incident.

      Here is a summary of incidents:

      May 10- 300 S Rimpau in Hancock Park
      Tonight, Tues May 10, at around 9:30p these two guys were picked up on oursecurity cameras looking in our windows and trying the doors to our house. The motion detector flood lights didn't seem to scare them. They spent about 12minutes walking around the front of the property - looking in all of the windows there, going up to the front door and looking around it and then - going all the way through the bushes to the far end of the house to see if they could hop the wall. They then went up the driveway to try to get into the gate there. We saw all of this on our security cameras in the front of the house. They did not get in and left the property. It felt as if they were casing the place to see if they could get in - tonight, or another night.We called the Police and Bel Air patrol. we got photos of them from our security cameras.

      April 23 ( received May 11) 200 S Lorraine block
      Our doorbell rang on April 23 at 3:30am. We ignored it and the bell rang again. I looked out the second story window and said hello. A guy asked if a Mr.Fletcher was there. I said no and 2 guys (one looked similar to the one in the Rimpau incident photo) walked away. I called ADT and they did patrol the rest of the night. The next morning I called LAPD and they said they have heard of "guys coming from South Central, checking to see if anyone is home, if no answer, they break in".

      May10 ( received May 14)- 200 N Plymouth block
      Tuesday night 5/10/2011 my 1993 Infiniti was parked 3 doors down from my house, my usual parking spot. The driver side rear window was smashed, car entered AM/FM Radio CD player and Climate control system remover. The framing on the dash was broken, Radio and climate control unit were unplugged and the screwswere removed. Screws went also. The car was ransacked. The hood to the engine had been opened from the inside. The battery remained. Wednesday morning after discovering, I called and made a report to Officer Manjra at the Wilshire Station's desk. I went downtown to Parker Center where fingerprints were taken. The officer was surprised someone had not been wearing gloves.

      The Psychic Advisor in the house @ Beachwood and Beverly told me her son's new Audi was stolen a couple week's ago from their driveway, which is on Beverly, parallell to my driveway. Guess Psychic advisors can't predict car thefts.

      May 18- 500 block N. Las Palmas, and 300 N Sycamore ,Hancock Park
      It appears in both incidents the suspects rang the door bell at the front door several times. Suspects then went to the rear and pried open security bars and entered the residence. Suspect description(2) male light complexion early 20's. One suspect was wearing a backpack. Suspects left in a late model Mercedes Benz with a primer color.

      May 20- 200 S block Van Ness
      Today, Friday, May 20th 2011, at approximately 11:30 AM there was an attempted break-in at our house. The perpetrator(s) rang the doorbell (my wife and mother-in-law were home, but did not answer the door as they were not expecting anyone) and then banged loudly on the door.

When our housekeeper arrived at 12:30 PM, she attempted to open the front door with her key. She was unable to open the door. My wife was expecting the housekeeper at this time, so she called, using the intercom for the front door, when she heard someone trying to open the door. She confirmed that it was our housekeeper and let her in.

It was then that my wife and housekeeper discovered that someone had clearly attempted to break-in to the house, as the lock, door frame and the door itself had been damaged by what looked to be a crow bar. Fortunately, the perpetrator(s) was unable to gain entry as the alarm system, which was on, did not go off.

The police (Olympic Division) was informed at approximately 12:45 PM and we are awaiting patrol officers arrival to file a formal, written report.
 Officers arrived approx 8:45 pm to take the report.

      May 3- good news report
      On May 3, 2011 at approximately 1400 hrs Senior Lead Officer Mollinedo arrested a serial Burglary from Motor Vehicle Suspect in the area of 6th Street and Serrano Av. Suspect was interrogated by Property Crime Detail Supervisor, Detective Ron Lee. Suspect admitted to stealing items from numerous parked vehicles, on several different streets for the last couple months. Suspect stated that he specifically targeted vehicles that were unlocked, and unsecured. Suspect also stated that he targeted vehicles where valuable property was left in plain view.

      May 13- More good news
      The Los Angeles Police Department today launched a new crime mapping system on its website, www.lapdonline.org.
      A link to the crime maps can be found at www.lapdonline.org, and by clicking on Crimemapping in the left navigation. Once on the Crimemapping.com site, users can "filter" crimes from a list of law enforcement agencies that provide data to the site, and click on Part One crimes for specific information such as the date and time each crime occurred. Important links are also provided, as well a feature that allows users to view crime trends and subscribe to receive free Crime Alerts via e-mail when new activity occurs in their area. In the future, the LAPD will be announcing CRIMEVIEW®Community, a browser-based community policing application that gives the public access to crime data in their neighborhoods quickly and easily.

      Now, if we could only increase patrol time and simplify filing reports with LAPD...
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