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300 N. Beechwood Burglary.....5/25

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  • larchmontvillageneighborhood
    ... robbed b/t ... bars, ... bathroom ... window) and ... front ... couple ... as the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2005
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      > Our neighbors across the street from us just told us they were
      robbed b/t
      > 10am - 2pm today. The entire front and sides of their house have
      > but they went to very back of house and found one un-barred
      > window (must have been two people to lift one up in the high
      > went in that way. Exited the front door b/c when they came home
      > door was open!
      > Only seemed to be looking for money. Went into only one of the two
      > bedrooms and shuffled through drawers and dresser top. Took a
      > credit cards, no cash was there.
      > Be careful and please report anything suspicious. They seem to be
      > striking during the day time, this sounds like the same timeframe
      > Bronson robbery this week also that I think was around 1pm.
      > Suzanne Jensen
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