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Crime prevention & reporting reminders from LAPD & CD 4

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    Nikki Ezhari, our Field Deputy from Councilmember Tom Labonge s office, CD 4 writes in response to communication with Kevin Landa (of Lucerne Blvd.) about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2010
      Nikki Ezhari, our Field Deputy from Councilmember Tom Labonge's office, CD 4 writes in response to communication with Kevin Landa (of Lucerne Blvd.) about the recent burglaries and attempted burglaries from vehicles on No. Lucerne:

      Let's start with making sure every one is registered with e-policing at www.lapdepolicing.org. This is a good tool that keeps the community updated with police updates. Please make sure that all the residents of your street have Dave Cordova and Joe Pelayo's contact info, they are as follows:

      Officer Cordova (West side of Gower and westward)
      Wilshire Station (213) 473-0476

      Officer Pelayo (East side of Gower and eastward)
      (213) 793-0709
      Olympic Station (213) 382-9102

      Officer Pelayo wants people to call 911 for any suspicious activity.

      Graffiti and Bulky items should be addressed immediately, please feel free to contact me directly or call 311.

      Please report everything to your SLO. Officer Pelayo made it clear, at the LVNA meeting last night, that is a very important tool for solving crimes. Please insist that all your neighbors report all occurrences.

      If you do not have a neighborhood watch on your block, please let us know, we will help you create one.

      With regards to the loud music, I just recently learned that criminals break windows using spark plugs that shatter the window silently. Thus I'm not sure if the loud music had anything to do with the (recent) car break-in.

      At all the recent community meetings, the police have been preaching the importance of being vigilant, making sure that all computers, i-pods, GPS systems, glasses, etc. are secured and out of sight. Criminals will not break into cars if there is nothing to take. The bad economy coupled with the upcoming holidays creates a climate for which criminals are more motivated to commit crimes.

      Please report a crime or any suspicious activity to the LAPD. Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.

      For more crime prevention tips visit www.lapdonline.org .

      If you have the contact information for the residents of your street, I will gladly send out this information to them. Please feel free to contact me with anytime.

      Nikki Ezhari, Field Deputy, CD 4

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