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Fwd: "Q" condtion and the Larchmont Bungalow

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    ... Dear Residents and Neighbors:   Below is an email from The Larchmont Village Association President John Winther regarding the land use issue at 107 N.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2009

      Dear Residents and Neighbors:


      Below is an email from The Larchmont Village Association President John Winther regarding the land use issue at 107 N. Larchmont.  This case could become yet another example of people simply ignoring the land use rules, ordinances and regulations. We will continue to send the community updates.


      Best Regars,

      Cindy Chvatal




      Important                 Important               Important

      A meeting was held on September 24 at the Not Neutral building with city official, homeowner groups, representatives of 107 N. Larchmont, and concerned citizens.  At the meeting it was said by the representatives of 107 N. Larchmont that even though they had applied for a “restaurant” permit in conflict with the “Q” condition, they were going to “withdraw” the request. 

       Subsequent to the meeting t here were two additional meetings.  One at 107 N. Larchmont and the answer to the question do you have tables and chairs was “I have not paid for any tables and chairs”. The operator also suggested they would be open until 11:00PM.

      A meeting was held with Councilmember Tom LaBonge, members of Building and Safety, and members from t
      he community.  It was reported that the Larchmont Bungalow (107 N. Larchmont) had hired an attorney and a consultant to fight the “Q” condition and citing other businesses on the street as precedent for the violations.

       “Still up in the air is whether the site, at 107 N. Larchmont Blvd., will be a sit-down resultant or a take out.  Owner of the property Albert Mizrahi is seeking to open as the former.  He applied with the city for a zone change. Currently the space is permitted as a take-out and does not allow seating, as the Boulevard has a 10-restaurant limit which is maxed out and regulated by the Q condition.  Under the take-out permit okayed for Larchmont Bungalow by the Department of Building and Safety, a takeout is defined as a food service establishment with food to be consumed primary off premises.” Larchmont Chronicle, October 2009.


      The “Q” condition is very clear. It allows a certain number of categories of businesses on the Boulevard and the number and requirements of restaurants are clearly defined.  If 107 N. Larchmont comes as restaurant, it would be a violation of the “Q” condition.  Another violation of the “Q” Condition. The largest restaurant space allowed for a restaurant is 40 feet and the Larchmont Bungalow is 50 feet which is not allowed by the “Q” condition. 

       Members of the community have been assured by City Officials that they will enforce the
      “Q” condition and we all need your support.  We are sending this to all Homeowner Groups, concerned citizens, board members; please take a moment to forward to your members.  If you like to add your list to ours, please forward the list back to us.




      John Winther


       Larchmont Boulevard Association




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