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  • Dugan, Judy
    Howdy, I d like to ask that senders sign their names and say something about where they live (not address, but perhaps street or intersection) There s no
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2005
      Howdy, I'd like to ask that senders sign their names and say something about where they live (not address, but perhaps street or intersection) There's no identity given for the sender of the second message, regarding Nextel, which makes me wonder who's being represented.
      Judy Dugan, Bronson Avenue

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      Topics in this digest:

      1. Traffic Issues
      From: "larchmontvillageneighborhood" <larchmontvillageneighborhood@...>
      2. Cerrell/Nextel Antennas
      From: gia0084@...


      Message: 1
      Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 19:38:37 -0000
      From: "larchmontvillageneighborhood" <larchmontvillageneighborhood@...>
      Subject: Traffic Issues

      Due to numerous accidents and "close-calls" in the neighborhood,
      the LVNA has sent a letter to Tom Labonge to make this issue more of
      a priority. Enclosed is the text of our letter.

      March 16, 2005

      The Honorable Thomas LaBonge
      Councilman, 4th District
      200 North Spring Street, Room 480
      Los Angeles, California 90012

      Re: Stop Sign Issues

      Dear Tom:

      One of the most positive themes of your last campaign for
      the City Council was your insistence that traffic in the Larchmont
      Village area had to be brought under better control, and that more
      stop signs needed to be installed in residential neighborhoods. I
      am enclosing with this letter a photograph of a car that overturned
      on February 16th at the intersection of Plymouth and Rosewood in the
      Larchmont area when it collided with a car whose driver thought that
      the car proceeding on Rosewood would be stopping for a stop sign.
      This is a problem that is reflected in accident statistics, but is
      even more dramatically reflected in the frightening number of "near
      misses" that frighten the daylights out of pedestrians and drivers
      on Rosewood between Rossmore and Bronson. This same problem exists
      on Clinton between Rossmore and Wilton. As traffic on Melrose and
      Beverly intensifies, more and more drivers are using Rosewood and
      Clinton as "shortcuts," and in the process endangering the safety of
      people in our neighborhood.

      For the people who live in our area, this is an urgent
      matter. Please remember this campaign pledge, and work with us to
      bring four-way stop signs to every intersection on Rosewood and
      Clinton between Rossmore and Bronson.

      Thanks very much for your attention to this matter.

      Very truly yours,

      Larchmont Village Neighborhood Association

      Charles Hutchinson


      Message: 2
      Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 21:25:40 -0500
      From: gia0084@...
      Subject: Cerrell/Nextel Antennas

      Dear Nieghbors,
      On Tues. March 8 2005, Nextel presented its counter zoning-conditional use proposal for the Cerrell Building at 320-324 N. Larchmont. Its new proposal is to put 12 antennas, in a 7 feet high structure, on the roof of the building. The 7 feet structure would extend the full length of the Cerrell building.
      Rene Weitzer, Chief Planning Deputy of Councilmember LaBonges' office, asked Nextel's representative if the community and residents were opposed to its proposal,if it would withdraw its proposal. Nextel responded that it has a right to move forward with its proposal despite residents opposition. Rene stated that the Councilmember LaBonge would now oppose Nextel's proposal for 320-324 N. Larchmont and would write a letter to Zoning Officer Charron in support of the residents position and will.
      Rene advised if residents are opposed to Nextel's counter zoning proposal that they need to again write to the Zoning Hearing Officer,Ms. Anik Charron at 200 N. spring Street,7th floor,L.A. 90012, or e-mail your opposition to Ms. Charron at: Acharron@...(fax)213-978-1334. Please reference CASE NO. ZA 2004-6678(CU) in all correspondence. Your written oppositions to Nextel's new proposal must be submitted to Officer Charron NO LATER THAN TUESDAY MARCH 22, 2005.
      Rene requested that residents also please send a copy of their letters to Jonathan Brand at 200 N. Spring Street. L.A. 90012 R.480,(FAX:213-624-7810), or e-mail: jbrand@...
      Please take a few minutes to write to express your opposition to ths unacceptable and unjustified proposal. This proposal will further erode the character and charm of the Larchmont commumity. If this proposal is approved, it will be a very visual eye sore, and will send a message to corporations that Larchmont residents are receptive and/or indifferent to projects that are industril and incompatible, detrimental, and out-of-scale with the Larchmont Environment.
      Thank You

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