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Re: [LVNA90004] URGENT: Melrose Digital Billboards

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  • Olivier Schreiber
    This LA Weekly article mentions the issue: http://www.laweekly.com/2009-02-26/news/los-angeles-on-300-000-a-year/ along with some facts that tend to decrease
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 4, 2009
      This LA Weekly article mentions the issue:


      along with some facts that tend to decrease one's worship of council members:

      Not one of the 15 council members must pay L.A.’s new parking costs. Rosendahl’s aides say City Council members are exempt from feeding parking meters. Similarly, the council instituted an extra car-towing surcharge of $100, now slapped on anyone unlucky enough to park illegally in a tow zone, to narrow the budget deficit. Yet City Council members, with their special license plates on their free cars, can’t be towed in Los Angeles – unless they block a fire hydrant.

      and this is the impression from reading some Larchmont Chronicle articles:

      The 15 members and their huge staffs focus on — and continually congratulate themselves for — performing “constituent services” that in well-run cities are generally handled by the parks, street, sanitation and other city departments. The result here is twofold: a failing system of favor-peddling that has convinced L.A. residents they must go around the rules and seek action from the 15 council members, and a minutia-focused body that avoids tackling the really serious city problems.

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      Dear Neighbors,
      Let's all try to help with disseminating the request regarding documentation of
      installation or conversion of digital billboards on Melrose and getting info
      back to Jane Usher, as David Zahniser is trying to document billboards and
      permit dates for an LA Times story.
      The one above the Arco station at Melrose and Wilton, electronic, seems
      relatively recent to me, but I don't know if it went up during the moratorium.
      I am going to return to speak with Roubik, the manager of the Arco station, and
      would appreciate any and all other info on your observations of the timing of
      installation of this and any other digital/electronic billboard on Melrose.
      Thanks to all,
      Karen Gilman
      Elmwood Ave.
      LVNA Secretary

      Jane Usher writes to us on behalf of the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council:

      I could really use your help on this one. According to Dave Zahniser of the LA
      Times, there are now two digital billboards on Melrose between Highland and
      Wilton.?He did not give me more precise addresses. They are both on the North
      side of Melrose. Dave does not know when they were installed. He asks whether
      they were installed after the Interim Council City Code Ordinance (ICO) on
      billboards took effect in December 2008.


      I believe that Dave might write a significant story?on these if we can find
      locals who will identify when these went up. Do you have neighbors or
      businesses that you can reach out to ASAP to find out the timetable of the
      installation of these two digital signs?


      Many thanks, as always. Jane

      Jane Ellison Usher
      218 S. Windsor Boulevard
      Los Angeles, CA 90004
      tel (323) 938-3329
      cell (213) 880-2098
      fax (323) 938-3196

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