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Town Hall meeting 12/3, Billboards, Lighted Signs

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  • GiLpErsOn2@aol.com
    Our neighbor to the south, on Van Ness, Frank Badami, notes: We have a Sign problem right here on the 500 Block of South Van Ness Avenue. The following is
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      Our neighbor to the south, on Van Ness, Frank Badami, notes: "We have a Sign problem right here on the 500 Block of South Van Ness Avenue. The following is related to this problem.  Your attendance and support is needed."

      I am urging you to attend the Wednesday, Dec. 3, Town Hall meeting to support Councilman Tom LaBonge's efforts to prevent more Billboards and Lighted advertisements from going up in and around our community.

      The following is a copy of John Welborne's important message detailing this situation.

      Attend: and Support Tom in his efforts to Stop our neighborhood from looking like "Times Square".

      DATE:       DECEMBER 3RD, 2008 


      TIME:        WEDNESDAY EVENING – 7:00 PM 



        300 S. Western Avenue 

             Los Angeles, California 90020 

      Southwest corner of 3rd & Western 


      PARKING:  In the Lot AT 3RD & OXFORD        

      (Be sure not to park behind cars and 

      block others) 

      Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Association Stakeholders, Larchmont VIllage Neighborhood Assn and others:

      Councilmember Tom LaBonge's staff has asked neighborhood associations to distribute a flier to neighbors about a "Town Hall" meeting that Councilmember LaBonge has organized for this coming Wednesday, December 3. Field Deputy Nikki Ezhari wrote that this will be a chance to meet the per
      sonnel of the new Olympic Division of the LAPD and to "discuss possible capital improvements" to the Wilshire Center / Koreatown area.

      The Council District 4 flier can be found on the Windsor Square Association web site:


      As you probably know, Councilmember LaBonge is the elected representative for much of the Greater Wilshire neighborhood (and much of the northern part of Wilshire Center (AKA "Koreatown").

      It turns out (according to CD4 staff) that discussing "possible capital improvements" is to discuss, and get feedback about, community reaction to LIFTING -- for much of the Wilshire Center area between St. Andrews Place and beyond Vermont Avenue -- the EXISTING BAN ON NEW BILLBOARDS. This would allow the giant, lighted signs that are causing so much commotion in passing vehicles and living rooms and bedrooms throughout other parts of Los Angeles (as well as large building-covering "super graphic" advertisements) to shine bright in OUR windows. For more information, see:




      Councilmember LaBonge is to be commended for seeking community feedback on this important issue. Although the district boundary separating his (4th) and Councilmember Wesson's (10th) districts is the centerline of Sixth Street . . . the bright lights and visual impacts will not respect that imaginary boundary. All the residents and drivers and walkers
      to the north, east, west, and south of any new BILLBOARD DISTRICT (technically called a Supplemental Sign District) will be impacted by the new billboards and super-signs.

      One informed Angeleno, when told of this situation, opined that the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council board of directors and other Wilshire-area leaders should be alerted, going on the say:

      "I am sure that the meeting topic is of vital interest. It is to discuss a proposed Electronic Billboard District for all of Koreatown. We will all be impacted. As City Hall knows, the Koreatown residential community is a silent one. Meetings on Koreatown land use issues are attended only by developers. The Koreatown NC is similarly home only to business interests, mostly nightclub owners. This is why it falls to us, the residential community on the western border of Koreatown, to speak up."

      Well, Wednesday's meeting is the time to speak up!

      Wednesday, December 3, 2008
      7:00 pm
      Wilshire Presbyterian Church
      300 South Western Avenue (at Third Street)

      Parking: Please park in the lot at 3rd and Oxford

      If you believe that it is inappropriate for one elected official to permanently change the look of much of what is generally regarded as the "main street" of Los Angeles -- Wilshire Boulevard -- just because that Councilmember is temporarily holding office in the district that temporarily includes this part of Wilshire Center (the elected officials and the district boundaries changing every 10-12 years), then SPEAK UP NOW.

      If you believe that anyone (you
      , other residents, visitors) walking or driving EAST of Saint Andrews Place -- on Sixth Street, Wilshire Boulevard, or Olympic Bouleveard -- has RIGHTS . . . vested interests . . . in what this part of OUR community looks like, SPEAK UP NOW.

      If you believe the many historic buildings existing in Wilshire Center deserve to be VIEWED -- rather than wrapped in vinyl advertisements or covered with bright, changing signs -- SPEAK UP NOW.

      Please try to attend the meeting on December 3d. (I have a conflict.) It IS important that many residents of Greater Wilshire show up to support Councilmember LaBonge's effort to get community feedback.

      Once the billboard ban for this area is lifted -- the genie will be out of the lamp FOREVER (and the bright LED bulbs will be with us and all future generations FOREVER). What sort of Los Angeles do YOU want for our future?

      Please speak out next Wednesday evening.

      And, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

      -- John


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