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RE: [LVNA90004] An Animal Control Department that Neither Controls Nor Reveal...

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  • Aarde V. Atheian
    Karen As you can see I still need the good luck your friend Jackie wished for me because Officer Oblano would not leave me an out. His only condition for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2008

      As you can see I still need the good luck your friend Jackie wished for me
      because Officer Oblano would not leave me an out. His only condition for
      action was that the dog must first bite me and then I must be able to prove
      that it was that dog who bit me.

      Aah yes, mine has a less salutary ending, that's why I insisted to be shown
      a copy of the rule that applied. He declined. That engendered my complaint
      to Nikki.

      This is not the way it's supposed to be. Let's see what she's going to say.


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      Nor Reveal...

      Hi - I'm Jackie Schwartz. One of the neighbors filed a complaint with the
      Animal Control people in Van Nuys. Long story short, there was a hearing
      wherein 8 neighbors turned up - evidence had been provided in a prior
      hearing - there were about 10 complaints on file for this dog. The motion
      was for excessive barking - and the Animal Control officer did find in our
      favor. He told the problem dog neighbor that they had to keep their dog
      inside their house 10p to 6a; they had to have a trainer and that trainer
      had to make a report back to the animal court in 30 days; the dog had to
      wear restraining gear on his muzzle to prevent biting attacks; and the
      animal control people have been out to visit several times. If the owner
      does not comply, his dog license will be revoked and in turn, the dog will
      be removed.

      So my experience was totally different from yours! It took over one year to
      accomplish this but we now have peace and quiet. Good luck. Jackie

      In a message dated 6/1/2008 2:49:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time, GiLpErsOn2

      Dear Aard,

      I"m writing back to you because my friend, Jackie Schwartz, and her
      neighbors up in Los Feliz had to complain about chronically barking dogs and
      I think their approach used another angle: that the dogs were victims of
      inhumane treatment because they were restrained and neglected all day long.
      My memory may not be accurate but I am copying Jackie in case it is
      convenient for her to summarize for you what methods she and her neighbors
      used to follow steps necessary, including going to a hearing at City Hall,
      to remedy the problem. ( I think she and her neighbors were kept awake at
      night plus other problems).

      I hope this helps,

      Karen Gilman

      Elmwood Ave.

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      athein@... writes:

      Ms Nikki Ezhari

      Field Deputy, Tom LaBonge's Fourth Council District

      300 N Spring St, Rm 480 City Hall, 200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 900012

      Dear Nikki

      Per our conversation during the last LVNA meeting, I was to send you my
      account of my complaint about the performance of our Animal Control

      I had complained about a vicious dog that had us scared shaking in our boots
      every time we walked past this house in our neighborhood. All we wanted to
      know was Does Animal Control take action in the situation that I had

      Animal Control advised us that such complaints cannot be made verbally that
      they require all such communications to be in writing and be accompanied
      with evidence, witnesses etc.

      After months of correspondence and gathering such evidence, we have our long
      awaited Hearing on February 6, 2008, chaired by Officer Poblano of Animal

      After making sure that all of the evidentiary work has been accomplished,
      Officer Poblano says the only time they take action is if dog bites me. No
      amount of loud barking, viciousness or savagery is reason for City to
      interfere regardless of how long and threatening the barks are. The burden
      of proof is entirely on me, the complainer, he adds.

      I ask him, If the rules are this simple and easy why not tell me ahead of
      time and before I spend hundreds of hours gathering for evidence the first
      time that I called or wrote?

      Why couldn't they tell me this from the very beginning and saved me this
      trouble and effort and

      Where in the City Ordinance is this rule located?

      He tells me they have no obligation to show me a copy of this rule and that
      and I could find it in the Ordinance at the LAMC.

      Well I tried and I couldn't find it.

      My request from you therefore is

      1. Questions like these should be answered by telephone. No need to
      burden citizens who pay thousands of dollars a year for such services that
      they be in writing.

      2. Animal Control failed to address the problem. It treated it as a
      barking dog annoyance problem whereas none of the description we gave fit
      that designation. See my letters.

      3. Animal Control and indeed the entire City is obligated to show the
      complainer what does the Ordinance say about the problem. Such information
      at a minimum should be available at the blog of the department or on line.

      4. Animal Control is obligated to tell me if indeed it is true that
      the City Ordinance does not address the problem of particularly vicious dogs
      terrorizing every passersby in their neighborhood. The absence of such
      coverage is an open invitation for every resident to start harassing their
      neighbors with a particularly vicious and dangerous dog. Those dogs are more
      dangerous than wild animals. It just doesn't make sense that there's no
      ordinance addressing them.

      I am enclosing my correspondence that quite adequately describe the

      I am also asking my fellow residents in the neighborhood if they know
      something about this that I don't.


      Aarde V. Atheian, 560 N. Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, Phone&Fax
      323.465.2695, Email: Athein@... <mailto:Athein%40ca.rr.com>

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