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Neighborhood opposes Camerford Lofts Project

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    Neighborhood opposes VTT-66997-1A; CF file 08-0454 CD 13 Dear Neighbors, On Tuesday night, the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council unanimously passed a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2008
      "Neighborhood opposes 'VTT-66997-1A; CF file 08-0454 CD 13'"
      Dear Neighbors,

      On Tuesday night, the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council unanimously
      passed a resolution opposing the variances the Camerford Lofts developer
      requested for the corner of Melrose & El Centro (5663 Melrose Ave. & 3 adjoining
      parcels) and suppporting the City Planning Commission's decision to hold the
      approval to the limit of the municipal code for # of units, height, sidewalks,
      and setbacks.
      The variances the developer requested for increased density, 5-story height
      in the middle of the project, and FAR formulas (ratio of unit/space) far
      exceed the code and would set a dangerous precedent for the entire Melrose
      corridor and Larchmont Boulevard and neighborhood. The Larchmont Village
      Neighborhood Assn. is already on record opposing the development as currently proposed.
      In preparation for this Tuesday's, May 20th Planning and Land Use Management
      Committee hearing on the Camerford Lofts (2 p.m., City Hall room 350), we
      strongly encourage you to take action to oppose the project as currently
      planned. A fsummary of the proposed 85-unit condo & commercial project and the LVNA
      and GWNC's objections to it follow, below.
      Please call Councilman Ed Reyes and Councilman Eric Garcetti AND try to
      attend the PLUM Committee hearing at City Hall.
      As Jane Usher has so eloquently stated, your physical presence at public
      hearing is the loudest demostration of your concerns:

      Letters & emails:
      The Honorable Ed Reyes, Chair
      Planning and Land Use Committee
      c/o City Clerk.
      200 N. Spring St,. Rm 395
      Los Angeles, CA 90012
      Reyes's office: 213-473-7001
      and: Patrice Lattimore, Leg. Asst.
      phone: 213-978-1074
      fax letters to 213-978-1040
      The Honorable Eric Garcetti & Kelli Bernhard, CD 13;
      phone: 213-473-7013
      fax Garcetti's office 213-613-0819
      The Honorable Jack Weiss; The Honorable Jose Huizar
      Phone calls in opposition: Councilmember/PLUM Chair Ed Reyes: 213-473-7001;
      Council President Eric Garcetti & Kelli Bernhard, 213-473-7013;
      _eric.garcetti@..._ (mailto:eric.garcetti@...) ;
      _kelli.bernard@..._ (mailto:kelli.bernard@...) ;
      _councilmember.reyes@..._ (mailto:councilmember.reyes@...) ; _patrice.lattimore@..._
      (mailto:patrice.lattimore@...) .

      Attend Tuesday's hearing in room 350 of City Hall, enter on Main St. side.
      Call or email us for help in arranging carpools: Karen Gilman 323-350-9225;
      Susan Einstein 323-467-9113 or _gilperson2@..._
      (mailto:gilperson2@...) or seinstein@.... Feel free to phone Karen Gilman for
      last-minute updates of status of hearing taking place: 323-350-9225.

      Our earlier petition and sample letter, below, give you a greater idea of
      the problems inherent in the proposed project. The only changes in the
      developer's updated proposal are that they are proposing 85 units (down from 96) and
      are agreeing to the 15' setbacks from the street.

      March 15, 2008

      To: PLUM Committee
      Attn: Shannon Hoppes
      cc: Councilmembers Ed Reyes, Eric Garcetti, Tom LaBonge
      Re: Camerford Lofts Project
      5663 W. Melrose Ave.
      Case # CF 080454
      Please place on record our objection to the variances the developers of the
      Camerford Lofts project are requesting of the city of Los Angeles.
      These variances include:
      • Doubling of current zoned building height allowances from 30' to 60'.
      • Narrowing of sidewalks for such projects on Melrose from 15' to 10'.
      • Increased density in terms of housing units per square foot of land.
      Our concerns are focused on the precedents these zoning changes will set for
      the entire
      Larchmont Blvd. and Melrose Ave. area. We believe the area cannot sustain
      that amount of
      development in terms of increased traffic and population density.
      Furthermore, as Melrose is only a two-lane street, we foresee a change in
      the aesthetics
      and ambiance of the neighborhood, as 5 or 6 story buildings would come to
      line narrow
      We ask that you work to maintain the City Planning Commission's decision of
      Dec. 13,
      2007 that:
      • Limits height on Melrose to 45 feet.
      • Maintains a street dedication on Melrose of 15 feet.
      • Denies a varience that allows that alllows a density of 96 units on both
      combined for this project.
      In conclusion, though we would support this project if its design conformed
      more closely
      to current zoning, we object to requested variances which would set
      precedents that would
      threaten to reduce the attractiveness and comfort of our neighborhood.

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