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Camerford Lofts Project Sample Letter

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  • balabanabrams
    December 12, 2007 Ms. Jane Usher, Chair, City Planning Commission Re: Camerford Lofts Project, 5663 W. Melrose Ave. ENV-2006-6520-EAF,
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      December 12, 2007
      Ms. Jane Usher, Chair, City Planning Commission
      Re: Camerford Lofts Project, 5663 W. Melrose Ave.
      ENV-2006-6520-EAF, APCC-2006-6519-ZC-ZV-HD-ZAA-SPR; VTT-66997
      together with 5742 Camerford & 704 N. El Centro
      Dear Ms. Usher and Members of the Commission:

      We are homeowners in the neighborhood across Melrose and just south of the proposed
      Camerford Lofts project. We live at 4941 Elmwood Ave., between Van Ness and Elmwood.
      We object to the variances the developers of the Camerford Lofts project are requesting of
      the city of Los Angeles.
      These variances include:
      • Doubling of current zoned building height allowances from 30' to 60'.
      • Narrowing of sidewalks for such projects on Melrose from 15' to 10'.
      • Increased density in terms of housing units per square foot of land.
      Our concerns are focused on the precedents these zoning changes will set for the entire
      Larchmont Blvd. and Melrose Ave. area. We believe the area cannot sustain that amount of
      development in terms of increased traffic and population density.
      Furthermore, as Melrose is only a two-lane street, we foresee a change in the asthetics
      and ambiance of the neighborhood, as 5 or 6 story buildings would come to line narrow
      Already, delivery trucks parking just west of the proposed Camerford Lofts block smooth
      passage of traffic on Melrose between El Centro and Vine St., during rush hour and all day.
      Traffic crawls on Melrose all the way from Fairfax to the Normandie Ave. entrance to the
      Hollywood Freeway ALL THE TIME!
      Overflow of parking, noise and traffic will affect the quiet neighborhoods of Larchmont
      Village. The proposed height variances requested by Watt-Genton go beyond the
      surrounding Paramount Pictures sound stages' heights. No setbacks will mean blocked
      sight-lines for turning corners!
      Lastly, we would like the City to know that the same developer is currently building the
      Larchmont Lofts directly across Melrose from the Camerford Lofts proposed project. City
      Planning staff Madhu Kumar was apparently unaware of this during her study.
      In conclusion, though we would support this project if its design conformed more closely
      to current zoning, we object to requested variances which would set precedents that would
      threaten to reduce the attractiveness and comfort of our neighborhood.

      Thank you for considering these issues at Thursday's 12-13-07 Commission hearing.
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