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RE: [LVNA90004] City Planning project applications received LVNA90004

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  • Caitlin Dempsey
    Is there a way to get all open entitlements in a spreadsheet with their APN (parcel number) attached? I d like to map them all out to see where the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2007
      Is there a way to get all open entitlements in a spreadsheet with their APN
      (parcel number) attached? I'd like to map them all out to see where the
      developments are in our neighborhood and where in the process they are
      (under construction, approved, pending, etc.).



      Caitlin Dempsey, Editor

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      Subject: [LVNA90004] City Planning project applications received LVNA90004

      Dear Neighbors,
      The "file uploaded" and referenced below shows 39 pages of "Entitlement
      Applications Received by City Planning Dept, sorted by Council District,
      from 7-8-07 to 7-21-07."
      Note new condo project proposed for 5141 Maplewood noted w/o reference to a
      Council District (we'll try to get that updated), case file # TT-69070 on
      We are following the listings and postings of new apartment and condo
      projects proposed by developers within the LVNA area as we are concerned
      about the
      cumulative impact on quality of the neighborhood environment, parking,
      traffic, impact on schools/pedestrians, height, views, impact on
      utilities/infrastructure, soils/liquefaction, trees, and historical
      resources inherent in the
      Various neighbors are testifying this morning, 7-25-07, 9:30 a.m. at City
      Hall regarding the proposed 8 unit condo building at 417-419 N. Van Ness
      just north of Elmwood. We are mentioning all of the above concerns, plus
      legal precedents regarding "cumulative impact." (TT-69152, case #)
      We testified at the July 11th City Planning hearing at City Hall regarding
      the proposed 24-unit condo project at 5022-5036 Rosewood Ave. (back to back
      Elmwood properties). This case has remained open for public comment while
      additional questions and reports are provided. (TT 68955, case #.)
      Karen Gilman provided public comment at the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood
      Council meeting on 7-11-07 regarding the proposed 5022-5036 Rosewood
      We testified on June 14th, 2006 regarding the project now under
      construction, for 42-unit condos at 5023-5037 Rosewood Ave. (north side of
      Rosewood). And
      in May 2005, the 55 unit apt. project (now built) on Maplewood was reviewed
      and approved by City Planning.
      For more listings of condo projects in progress or already built in the
      neighborhood, see the cover story of the Larchmont Chronicle, July 2007
      For a copy of some of the hearing notices, or if you need additional
      information on how to submit public comment, please be in touch.
      (Today's hearing's city planning staff member is Sarah Molina:
      _sarah.molina@ <mailto:_sarah.molina%40lacity.org> lacity.org_
      (mailto:sarah.molina@ <mailto:sarah.molina%40lacity.org> lacity.org)
      regarding the 417-419 N. Van
      Ness proposed condo project.)
      Please share with the LVNA notice of any public hearings for which you
      received a copy due to your location within 500' of a proposed project in
      Karen Gilman
      Elmwood Ave.

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