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Openings for 1st & 2nd Graders at Larchmont Charter

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    Please spread the word – Larchmont Charter has a few spaces available FOR THIS YEAR in 1st and 2nd grade. We would love to be able to include more people in
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2005
      Please spread the word – Larchmont Charter has a few spaces available
      FOR THIS YEAR in 1st and 2nd grade. We would love to be able to
      include more people in our great school community!

      Remember, if parents choose to send their 1st or 2nd graders this
      year, younger siblings will get priority admission in years to come
      which is turning out to be a huge benefit as word spreads about our
      wonderful school and competition for spaces in future years will be

      People should contact Alice Horevitz at 323-656-1480 or
      lcs2005@... to tour the school. See information below and
      please e-mail or snail mail friends and acquaintances that might be
      interested. Thanks very much!

      Rebecca Hutchinson
      LCS Communications & Outreach


      There is an exciting new public school in the area: Larchmont Charter
      School. Larchmont Charter is a public elementary school that will
      serve grades K-6. We opened on September 6, 2005 with grades K-2,
      and will grow by one grade each year until we get to K-6. For the
      first few years, the school will be located at 1265 N Fairfax Avenue
      (south of Fountain) in a 1936 Spanish-style school building,
      beautifully maintained and upgraded this summer.

      Larchmont Charter was founded by a teacher from Harvard-Westlake and
      50 neighborhood families who wanted to create a better public school
      option open to all children in Los Angeles. The curriculum is
      after two of the best schools in California -- UCLA's Lab School ,
      Seeds, and Open Charter Magnet School. These high-performing schools
      use a project-based, constructivist curriculum found in some of the
      best private and public schools in the country. Our principal,
      Horevitz, is an expert in constructivism, with 25 years of experience
      as a teacher and 4 years as a public school principal. For our 7
      classes (of 20 students each), we have 7 full-time teachers, 7
      teaching assistants, and a full-time art teacher. Our teachers and
      assistants come from diverse backgrounds and were recruited for their
      range of experiences and their commitment to success.

      We have a van to provide transportation to and from school (free for
      Title One children) and terrific before- and after-school programs
      until 6pm (again, free for Title One) provided by Creative Space. We
      have a full-time art teacher, music and drama classes, P.E., and an
      absolutely wonderful staff and group of children and parents. Our
      school is a public school (part of LAUSD), so tuition is free, and
      offer hot lunch provided by Whole Foods (also free for qualified
      students). We are thrilled to say that our library has nearly 7,000
      books, all of which have been donated by generous parents, family
      members, publishers, bookstores, community organizations, and other
      friends of Larchmont Charter. The books are catalogued, organized and
      shelved by the Dewey Decimal system, and already being checked out by
      LCS students (and parents!).

      A core part of our mission is to create a diverse school. To that
      end, more than 50% of our students are non-white and the children
      speak more than 12 languages at home. We hope to serve children from
      all walks of life and to be one of the first mixed-economic schools
      Los Angeles, as studies show that all students benefit from economic
      diversity. Again, families who qualify for free- or reduced-priced
      lunch get after-school care, hot lunch, and transportation at no cost
      to the family.

      What is a Charter School? A charter school is a type of public
      that is started and run by people outside of the traditional school
      district system. To learn more, visit www.charterassociation.org.
      Some of the best schools in Los Angeles are charter schools.
      schools are free and non-religious. Our Charter, which is available
      for downloading at www.larchmontcharter.org, was approved unanimously
      by LAUSD's Board of Education in February 2005.

      Please contact our principal Alice Horevitz at 323-656-1480 or
      lcs2005@... if would like to tour the school, if you have
      questions or if you need more information. We would love to have
      and your family be part the LCS community!

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