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URGENT: Hearing on 50 Foot Nextel Tower at Third & Wilton

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    In a message dated 10/17/2005 10:06:25 AM Pacific Standard Time, JEUsher writes: Dear Neighbors -- This morning, I received the following URGENT message from
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2005
      In a message dated 10/17/2005 10:06:25 AM Pacific Standard Time, JEUsher

      Dear Neighbors --

      This morning, I received the following URGENT message from our neighbors on
      Wilton Place. There is no time to research the issues, as I would generally
      like to do. Please read the email and make your voice heard. Jane Usher



      Nextel is seeking a Conditional Use Permit to install a 50 foot
      communications tower at the corner of Third and Wilton, in the St. Brendan's parking lot.
      Unfortunately, the public hearing on this request does not coincide with our
      next Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Board meeting (Nov. 9th). We
      could have had some public discussion about this issue. Please pass this email on
      to other concerned neighbors and come to the hearing on Oct 18th. If we do
      not have representation from enough neighbors our arguments will appear weak.

      Tuesday October 18th 9:30 am
      Los Angeles City Hall
      200 North Spring Street, Room 1020
      Los Angeles, CA 90012

      Be there or be stuck with this cell tower forever!!!

      We neighbors on Wilton (the ones I have spoken to) are against this tower.
      Besides the health risks (which we understand we cannot argue at this hearing)
      we are opposed because of the size of this thing. The FCC is notorious for
      being in the industry's pocket and not protecting the heath of the citizens
      of this country.

      Arguments against:

      1. Historic District
      It is totally inappropriate to put this fifty foot tall pretend "pine tree"
      and ancillary electronic equipment next to this historical church or in the
      Wilton Ridgewood Historic district. We (Jenny Kasor and other neighbors)
      successfully fought for decades to keep huge modern street lights and city buses
      out of this historic district to protect the integrity of the neighborhood-
      why we would allow a giant un-natural tree in??? Everyone worked so hard to
      get the flashing light, why give up now? It makes no sense.

      2. Size
      Anyone who is not opposed to this mono pine does not understand the scale
      of this MONO PINE. It is fifty feet tall. All of the other trees on the church
      parking lot site are 15 to 25 feet high. This will dwarf every tree in the
      area and stick out like a sore thumb. It will be hideous. It will be similar
      in height to the very tallest point of the church tower.

      3. Parking
      The church already has huge traffic jams at every mass. Nextel says that
      they will re-stripe the lot and get the same number of cars. I'm an architect,
      that is ridiculous. It just means there will be many tiny compact spaces that
      today's cars cannot fit in so ultimately there will be less parking and more
      congestion. Let's demand to see the re-stripping plan.

      4. Aesthetics and the value of our homes
      This will be really ugly and it will really stick out and be very
      noticeable. Why do you think they normally put these beside a freeway? Because they
      are SO BIG, an elevated freeway is so tall it helps to decrease the scale of
      the fake tree. It does not look like a tree at all.

      5. Church position
      I spoke with M. Terry Fleming. He and the archdiocese are in favor of this
      Nextel project because of the income the church will receive. Nextel is going
      all over the city trying to get on church properties, it's really pretty
      pathetic. M. Terry made this decision without the parish council.

      6. More appropriate sites within a 1/4 mile
      There are many other sites that are more appropriate than our historic
      neighborhood. We are surrounded by commercial streets like Western, Wilshire and
      Melrose Avenues with tall buildings and large bill boards. There is no reason
      for Nextel to locate this cell tower on the corner of 3rd and Wilton.

      Please come to the hearing and fight for our neighborhood.

      If necessary, write to Young-gi Kim in Councilman Tom LaBonge's office,
      _ykim@..._ (mailto:ykim@...)

      Susan O'Connell, AIA
      Vice President
      SmithGroup, Inc.
      444 South Flower Street Suite 4700
      Los Angeles, California 90071
      T 213-228-6928(direct)
      F 213-622-0091
      _susan.oconnell@..._ (mailto:susan.oconnell@...)

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