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Armed and Dangerous!

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  • michele montgomery
    Yes... and we re shooting for July 31! Armed and dangerous is how we plan to be - once we get a DEDICATED Bel-Air Patrol car - with armed officer - for 8 hrs a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2005
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      Yes... and we're shooting for July 31!

      Armed and dangerous is how we plan to be - once we get a DEDICATED
      Bel-Air Patrol car - with armed officer - for 8 hrs a day solely for
      LVNA. We hope to achieve this BY JULY 31!!! and need more people to
      sign up THIS WEEK. Once we reach our goal of a dedicated car for 8
      hrs, additional sign-ups go toward 16 hrs a day and then full 24 hr
      coverage. Please sign up today and help us keep LVNA safe. You will
      not only protect your home for 24/7, you will get vacation and escort
      service -- and be contributing to the dedicated car for LVNA!

      Here is the info Bill LaBarge sent around last week - including the
      FAQ - for those of you who missed it. We've reduced our numbers from
      the 33 we needed last week but we still don't have that 8 hr. car.
      Updates to be posted soon!

      To sign up, please contact:

      Mario Escobar from Bel-Air Patrol
      Cell Phone:  818-402-3536
      Office Phone:  818-756-7233
      Email:  mescobar@...


      What's the Larchmont Bel-Air Patrol about and why a big push for it?
      We've seen local crime rise and there aren't enough police in LA. 
      teaming up as a community to get residents to use the same patrol
      service to guarantee us a dedicated patrol car with an armed officer
      within the Larchmont Village boundaries.  Right now, we're 33
      subscribers away from having a dedicated car for 8 hrs a day.  If even
      more residents sign up, we can get our own patrol car 16 or 24 hrs a

      What is our target date for the dedicated patrol car?
      We hope to have another 33 people sign up by July 31 to get a car for 8
      hours a day.

      Am I in the Larchmont Village boundaries for that patrol car?
      The area is between Beverly and Melrose, Arden to Wilton.

      *What would I get if I sign up with Bel-Air Patrol?*

      -  24 hr response by an armed patrol officer for your house if you call
      for assistance or your alarm goes off -- regardless of which alarm
      company you employ.

      -  A Bel-Air ARMED response sign for your property.  This tells
      prospective thieves they'll be met with guns if they break into your
      home, a bigger threat than just someone showing up.

      -  Vacation watch.  This means a guard will check your house and take
      your paper and mail while you're away, up to 45 days a year.

      -  Escort Service - day or night an armed patrol officer will meet you
      at your house, check the perimeter and walk you in.  If you or your
      child is coming home alone, if you have to work late, if you suspect
      someone is following you or you're worried there's someone around your
      property, just call.  Up to 12 times a year at no extra charge.

      -  You will be contributing to the dedicated patrol car in our

      *What does it cost?
      $50 per month per residence for the patrol service.

      *If we only have a dedicated patrol car for 8 or 16 hrs a day, am I
      still protected on the other times?
      Yes!  You will have 24 hr protection at your home but we won't have a
      dedicated Bel-Air car patrolling our village streets around the clock,
      just for the 8 or 16 hrs we contract.  If you call, the patrol officer
      will have to come from Windsor Square or Hancock Park, a slightly
      response time than if we have our own car.

      *If we only have a car for 8 hrs a day, what hours will that be?
      We'll have to choose one shift, that's why it's important for as many
      people to sign as possible so we can get a car for 24 hours.  The
      decision on which shift to choose will be based on the times most
      break-ins or attempted invasions have been happening.

      *What if I already have Bel-Air patrol?
      You're being counted are helping to make a dedicated patrol car

      What if I already have a different alarm system?
      You can switch to Bel-Air and get the above benefits with an alarm
      system OR you can add the Bel-Air Patrol and have it with your existing

      *What if I switch to Bel-Air from another service?
      Your monthly cost for the patrol service would be $50 like everyone
      else.  You would have to call Bel-Air to see if additional charges
      apply.  They will give a 10% discount to any Larchmont Village resident
      who gets their alarm updated by August 15. (See contact info below.)

      I like my alarm company.  Can't I just add the Bel-Air service?
      Yes!  Many people do.  That means two companies will respond to alarm
      calls and you will get the additional benefits of armed response,
      service, vacation watch and dedicated patrol car.

      I don't have an alarm.  Do I need one to have the service?
      No.  But since your alarm won't be going off you'll have to call.

      *What if I'm a merchant or business in Larchmont Village?
      Please join us!  Your cost will be $55 per month (no vacation or escort
      service is offered to businesses).  However, you?d have someone to call
      if transients loiter on your property or if undesirables disturb your
      clients or prevent them from accessing your business.  The Bel-Air
      patrol car would be required to come by your property daily.

      Why was Bel-Air chosen?*

      To get the fastest response time possible when we need help.  Bel-Air
      employed by both Hancock Park and Windsor Square Associations.  They
      have dedicated cars already in those neighborhoods and can send those
      patrol officers to Larchmont when we don?t have our own car.  It also
      allows us to draw on additional help when needed.

      If I live in Larchmont Village but don't have the service, will I still
      be able to call Bel-Air or have the patrol car service?

      Sorry.  You must be signed up with Bel-Air to have these benefits.

      *How do I sign up for the Larchmont Village Bel-Air Patrol service?
      What if I have additional questions?
      Contact Mario Escobar from Bel-Air Patrol.
      Cell Phone:  818-402-3536
      Office Phone:  818-756-7233
      Email:  mescobar@...

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