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Hermon Community Disaster Supplies Bin & Contents

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    Hermon is a community situated just east of Highland Park in Northeast Los Angeles. It is much smaller than Larchmont, yet they are already prepared for just
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      Hermon is a community situated just east of Highland Park in Northeast Los Angeles. It is much smaller than Larchmont, yet they are already prepared for just about any serious disaster due to weather, fire, earthquake or attack.

      Many Hermon residents have trained free of charge with the Los Angeles Fire Department's Community Emergency Rescue Team (CERT-LA) and run local drills and refresher classes often. Their non-profit Hermon Neighborhood Association has also obtained governemnt or private grants, and donations from local merchants and residents, to purchase and house a cache of bulk supplies and tools that are stationed at the heart of the community in case of emergency.

      While many Hermon families have their own personal supplies in their homes or garages to support themselves and their pets, the Hermon Neighborhood Association has purchased and stored everything from civilian fire-fighting rescue equipment (shovels; pulaskis; stretchers; medical supplies, walkie-talkies, ham radio. etc.) to sandbags, bulk emergency food, water, tents, portable showers, and blankets for sheltering residents who may be forced to evacuate their threatened or damaged homes for days or weeks. They have even obtained animal rescue, sheltering and control supplies (crates, cages, food, toys, lassoes, nets, etc.) for caring for and recovering pets so that residents can evacuate assured that their animals will also have accommodations. These bulk supplies and tools lower the cost of being prepared for every resident.

      See album under "Photos" here for "Hermon CERT Community Disaster Supplies" to see pix I took during the Hermon "O'Bin House" a couple of weeks ago when they showed off their supply cache. You will see photos of the exterior and interior of the bin, a standard-size shipping container, and interior shots of how they have organized their shared supplies. I also have scans of their itemized supply lists.

      The Hermon CERT team has also created maps delineating the Hermon "disaster zones," each of which has a designated captain. They also have a map of shelter areas. Between the two, residents know who else is in their group, who is their leadership, and where their area residents are supposed to gather for shelter or services in event of disaster. Locations of high-risk residents are also identified on maps, since they may need extra help from their neighbors to evacuate due to their advanced age, infirmity, handicap, etc. This level of detailed organization will make it much easier to mobilize, care for, and check to make sure that every Hermon resident is accounted for when (not IF) the worst occurs, the 911 lines have gone dead, and the people living nearest to you are all you can count on for help.

      I also bring a message from Battalion 11 Captain Carolyn Burleson inviting all LV90004 members to "like" the LAFD CERT Battalion 11 page of Facebook and check out what's going on (our area is split between the designated CERT Batt. 11 and Batt. 5, but there is no controlling jurisdiction for CERT-LA volunteers who can drill or participate in all CERT-LA activities and drills, generally depending only on their training level). Carolyn welcomes your attendance at upcoming Batt. 11 meetings and drills if you are at least a Level 1 CERT-LA graduate.

      If you have not taken CERT-LA classes yet, you can find a conveniently-located evening class starting soon near Larchmont, or on your "flight path" home from work: it's fun, free and flexible! To find a class near you and sign up, go to http://www.cert-la.com/calendar/calendar.cgi?calendar=basic

      Although I have been a CERT-LA grad and participant since 2008, I will be happy to answer any questions I can about the info above, or refer you to the right CERT personnel to answer your query. Please feel free to email me at msterion@..., or call my cell: 626-644-8144.

      Wishing us all safety in numbers,
      M. Topping
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