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    I would suggest calling and emailing Tom LaBonge s office directly. When we were on Irving we got fairly good response by contacting his office directly. You
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      I would suggest calling and emailing Tom LaBonge's office directly. When we were on Irving we got fairly good response by contacting his office directly. You can also contact Officer Pelayo. He is our neighborhood lead officer. It is a squeaky wheel type of thing. If enough of us contact them, it is hard to ignore. With trash pickers it may not completely solve the issue, but it may lessen.

      On Irving, I would snap a photo of the license plates with my cell phone. I never engaged the pickers directly.

      Here is the contact info:

      Tom LaBonge's office - http://www.tomlabonge.com/contact/

      Officer Joseph Pelayo/Olympic Div.
      Olympic Area Front Desk
      213-382-9109 fax
      General inquiries and information


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      Yes.. this too has been a problem by my home. I live on the corner so not only do they rummage through all the trash (black cans included) they open tied trash bags and throw the contents everywhere. They also gather with there shopping carts and separate the glass bottles, plastic and cans smashing and emptying them right outside our bedroom windows early in the morning. I do not put my blue can out ever. I give it to my gardener who could use the extra money for his family. However this does not stop the problem week after week. The same vans and suv's (pretty nice suv's) come every week. They have cell phones to communicate with each other. When I see them being messy with our cans I ask them to move on. They come in cars and on foot and leave a trail here as well. Don't think reporting it will do much of anything. Every time you call about anything all I hear is "we are under staffed" and that is if you can get a human to talk to. I have reported other issues to 311 repeatedly with very little or no success. It is most likely up to us as neighbors to remedy this. Putting blue cans out in the morning would be a pain for some but would probably help a bit. Maybe printing flyers asking neighbors to do this would be a good idea since so many of them do not belong to the group and receive these emails. The more that do this the better...or it will continue to get worse.


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      Hi All-

      I have never really minded folks going through our garbage and recycling,
      (even though it technically takes revenue away from the city and the
      recycling program) because I know they need the money and they work hard
      for it, but has anyone else noticed problems recently with them leaving a
      mess along the way? For the past couple of months, I have noticed they
      throw trash on the ground to get to the bottom of the can, but don't clean
      it back up again. Last Friday, there was a trail of trash down the road,
      on the curbs and on the lawns. Pretty irritating--is there anything to be


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