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Knock-knock burglars return: please report all suspicious activity to 911

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  • Karen Gilman
    Dear Neighbors, This morning, Monday, Nov. 26th, there was another incident of a knock-knock burglary at the house on the southwest corner of Elmwood &
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2012
      Dear Neighbors,

      This morning, Monday, Nov. 26th, there was another incident of a "knock-knock" burglary at the house on the southwest corner of Elmwood & Wilton. The crime occurred around 9:15 this morning; 3 thieves took the TV, silver and gold coins, diamond ring after knocking on the door and finding no response.

      Please remember that all the prevention measures that Senior Lead Officer Joe Pelayo circulates around holiday time are so important: to have and use home alarm systems, to trim hedges, to close and lock all doors and windows, watch one's surroundings when arriving home laden with packages, utilize outside floodlights, motion-sensor lights, and........for the neighbors helpfully being "eyes and ears"---to report any and all suspicious activity by calling 911. If anyone is observed walking up or down a driveway and you know that person is not the recognizable neighbor, you have just cause to state "prowler on the premises." Remember that it is not legal for strangers/scavengers to be accessing recycling bins on your private property, either. In addition, if one is home and strangers knock on the door or ring the doorbell, I believe we've been instructed that it's a good idea to make it obvious that you are home, but do not open the door. (And call police regarding suspicious characters.) Also to beware of potential burglars posing as delivery people, salespeople, utility workers, all ruses which have been used before. Finally, report all crimes so that the LAPD Olympic Division can justify increasing coverage by patrol cars in our neighborhood.

      I am sure we will receive an update from LAPD Olympic Division's SLO Pelayo with further information and reminders. If this alert alarms you sufficiently to help create an up-to-date neighborhood watch on your block and you'd like help doing so, please know that Neighborhood Watch chairperson Stu Melvin of the Larchmont Village Neighborhood Assn. is happy to foster a get-together of interested neighbors and to provide all the sample documents needed.

      Karen Gilman
      Elmwood Ave.

      SLO Pelayo's November 6th note to block captains:

      LVNA Block Captains,

      Please continue to communicate to your neighborhood to , "lock it , hide it , keep it." Burglary from motor vehicles continue to occur throughout the Larchmont Village community. As a reminder, do not leave your valuables in your car. I know that poor lighting on the streets does not help in curtailing this crime, but shouldn't let this deter us from locking our vehicles and leaving valuables behind . WE as a community must continue to work together and report all suspicious persons and activity.

      Let's end the year on a high note!

      Thank you for your support,

      Senior Lead Officer Pelayo

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