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Unconfirmed reports from 100 S Beachwood and 200 S McCadden

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    Two new reports, with some patrol and police involvement. Neither report has been confirmed by the police.   1st Report:  Friday, 05-18-12 10:00 PM 100
    Message 1 of 1 , May 20, 2012
      Two new reports, with some patrol and police involvement. Neither report has been confirmed by the police.  

      1st Report:  Friday, 05-18-12 10:00 PM 100 BLOCK OF S. BEACHWOOD report from SSA

      A neighbor observed three (3) males walking on the driveway, towards the street, away from the home on S. Beachwood. The neighbor was aware these suspects were not the homeowners. The neighbor called the their alarm company patrol car and that officer responded to where the client/witness observed the activity. 

      After conversing with the first neighbor and an adjacent neighbor the officer determined the occupants of the concerned home were out of town. Telephonic contact was made and the victim resident of the home provided permission for the SSA officer to enter the property. That officer conducted an investigation and found forced entry was made to the home by kicking in the rear French doors. The officer found the home ransacked. It is unknown if anything is missing due to the victims being unavailable. It is unknown if the alarm was set or functioning. There was an alarm control panel observed and the red strobe was flashing; however no sound was emitting. No other security patrol was at the scene. LAPD was contacted and indicated no call had been received by them.

      An LAPD Wilshire Division patrol unit was called to the scene to investigate and complete a burglary report. Of importance, the LAPD officers responded quickly and completed a thorough preliminary investigation. A friend/relative of the victims was called and the home was secured. The alarm company officer remained in the area, looking for these suspects for a period of time. The results were negative.

      Due to the number of residential burglaries occurring in the Mid Wilshire neighborhoods recently, an Olympic Division patrol unit also arrived to assist and obtain information pertaining to the burglary and suspect descriptions. This was done to provide the information to Olympic Division officers. Both LAPD Olympic Division and Wilshire Division have had residents, in their areas of responsibility, be victimized by this type of burglary M.O. Officers from divisions, Air Support Division, SSA officers and ADT are all aware of this problem. Information is being shared through SSA security alerts and information memos such as this, LAPD crime alerts and in person sharing of information.

      It is assumed these burglary suspects are probably mid day and late evening “door knock” burglars. They knock on the door. If no one answers, they go to the side or rear of the home and force entry. They take what they can carry and leave in a quick fashion.



      2nd Report:   Friday, 5-18-12, 200 South Block Of McCadden report from Hancock Park Homeowner

      Officer Jimenez (211) was flagged down by a citizen telling him that he observed two males exiting from a property, and possibly breaking into it.  The citizen pointed out the two males to Officer Jimenez, Officer Jimenez followed the two suspects from a distance and gaver LAC the description. Officer Cisneros (214) responded to assist Officer Jimenez.


      The two males parted, each going a different direction. Officer Jimenez lost sight of one of the suspects, Officer Cisneros kept eyes on the second one giving LAC direction of travel. LAC contacted LAPD and advised them we might have possible 459 suspects. LAPD responded to Officer Cisneros location, where he pointed out the suspect he was folowing. LAPD detained the suspect and questioned him. We were unable to locate the second suspect. We also could not locate any house that had been broken into. The suspect taken into LAPD custody did admit to being on a persons property. LAPD took him into custody for 602 P.C. We had LAC check to see if any alarm activations had come in the area. LAC advised that they had no activations.


      Officer Jimenez said that both suspects did match the description of the previous suspect that ran from him on Muirfield last week.


      Both Officer Jimenez and Cisneros did a great job in providing LAC with directions of travel and clothing descriptions on both suspect, LAC Operator 71 did a great job in handling the radio traffic.




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