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Re: [LVNA90004] Neighborhood update on Paramount Project: Nov. 14 comment deadline for Environmental Impact Rept. scope

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  • Alex Andrews
    Here s a form sent out by a Larchmont resident.15 story highrise that will block the view of the hills?  NO THANKS.I m e-mailing my form now! ... From:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 2011
      Here's a form sent out by a Larchmont resident.15 story highrise that will block the view of the hills?  NO THANKS.I'm e-mailing my form now!

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      Subject: [LVNA90004] Neighborhood update on Paramount Project: Nov. 14 comment deadline for Environmental Impact Rept. scope
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      Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011, 9:15 AM


      Recap of information gathered from Tuesday night, Nov. 8, Larchmont Village Neighborhood Assn.'s annual meeting featuring a presentation by Paramount Studios' staff (Sharon Keyser and Andrea Ceragioli) on their proposed project. Here are additional details garnered at Oct. 27th City Planning scoping meeting, which answer some questions raised (& not answered by Paramount staff) Tuesday night. Highlights:

      Number of parking spaces proposed for two parking/office/retail structures on South side of Melrose: Lot "A", "Windsor Lot" (Melrose/Plymouth/Windsor): 180; "Lot B", "Bronson Lot" (Melrose/Bronson/Irving) 300 spaces. Building plans: Windsor Lot: 2 levels of subterranean parking, 1 level retail (private), 2 levels offices = 3 stories; Bronson Lot: 1st level retail (private), 2nd story - parking, 3rd story = rooftop parking. Windsor lot = 10 ft. from adjacent residential property on Windsor to the south.

      Office towers proposed for main Paramount lot: 15 story tower near NE corner of Melrose & Gower; 8 story tower near NW corner of Melrose & Van Ness; will have additional driveway entrances, additional underground parking.

      Signs (electronic, digital billboards & others): No specific answers about nature of proposal, but it is mentioned in their application to the City

      See map in 2nd attachment: white areas = new structures

      Please see recent posting on LarchmontBuzz.com for more details about the proposal, as well as October issue of Larchmont Chronicle. And thanks to our journalists for their continuing coverage!

      Neighborhood input into proposed Paramount Studios project; 1st comment deadline is Nov. 14 to adam.villani@... regarding what elements should be studied in the Environmental Impact Report; fax 213-978-1343. Include your name, address & phone number. Save copy of your document so that you have comments ready to use for the other steps along the way. FORM IS ATTACHED though you may write a plain email to Adam Villani if you prefer. Please copy your email to ben.seinfeld@...

      Areas of concern to cover in your written comments: (choose most important to you)



      Construction impact


      Air quality

      Visual blight

      Historic preservation (demolition of Valentino building on main lot)


      Nature of retail establishments in new parking structures on So. side of Melrose; impact on surrounding retail


      Special Sign District (electronic, digital billboards)

      Height limits; office towers proposed @ 15 stories, 8 stories on Main/Melrose Lot

      As Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council stakeholder and Land Use committee member John Kaliski stated at the Oct. 25 committee meeting when Paramount's Sharon Keyser & team made a presentation: "(we are) encouraging people to go to the meetings, ask the questions, voice concerns. The Paramount people know what our issues may be/should be...they need to hear it from us and we need to hold them accountable."

      This written comments effort for the November 14th Environmental Impact Report ("EIR") scoping exercise is the first step in what may be a 2-year City process. After the EIR is issued by City Planning, we'll have time for comments again. Next step will be a City Planning Commission hearing, followed by City Council's Planning and Land Use committee meeting at City Hall. We can carpool to City Hall meetings; we can likely receive free parking in City Hall by requesting it from Council District 4's office in advance.

      Please be discreet in re-emailing this information to groups, using "bcc" where possible. I welcome your questions and am happy to meet with individual neighbors or groups to discuss the democratic process.


      Karen Gilman

      LVNA Secretary

      Elmwood Ave.

      323-350-9225 & 323-466-1541

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