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Paramount Picture's Master Plan, community "scoping" mtg tonight, 10/27 6-8 p.m.

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    Dear Larchmont Village Neighborhood Association neighbors, I am writing to personally share with you information provided by Paramount Pictures staff on
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2011
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      Dear Larchmont Village Neighborhood Association neighbors,

      I am writing to personally share with you information provided by Paramount Pictures' staff on Tuesday night at the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council's land use committee meeting. This information adds more detail to the color brochure you received in the mail. I have attached a larger scale map of the project (note EAST is top of page), plus meeting notice of tonight's Environmental Impact "scoping" meeting, an open house with City Planning staff and Paramount representatives, taking place at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, on Yucca at Gower, from 6-8 p.m.

      A. North side of Melrose: proposed plan has impact on the Larchmont neighborhood; related to the upcoming approval of the Hollywood Community Plan and upzoning/up-height-limits and density on north side of Melrose...

      The tower of offices proposed behind the KCAL building (nearer to the corner of Melrose & Gower) may be 15 stories; this area would be zoned "M-1." They are proposing all M-1 zoning for the whole "north" parcel.

      Additional office tower nearer corner of Melrose and Van Ness to be 8 stories.......(heights to be allowable under pending approval of Hollywood Community Plan for all of the north side of Melrose.) Area would be zoned "C" (commercial) on Van Ness.

      Envisioning 4,000 new parking spaces in total
      ratio of 1.5 to 1 "FAR"--(explained further tonight, along with all other vocabulary.)

      Zoning: "M-1" on north side of street.
      Historic resources and green development: our concern: The most green type of development is adaptive re-use. This plan demolishes both the Valentino Building (with the side result of creating additional need for office space elsewhere) AND they're planning to demolish the historic RKO soundstages at Gower & Melrose. The Valentino Bldg space would become a somewhat wider pedestrian mall.

      B. South side of Melrose: "current surface" parking lots will all be converted to parking structures, with or without subterranean parking:

      "The South Windsor Parking Lot": (currently open parking lot along Melrose from Windsor to Plymouth) to include 2 levels of subterranean parking, 1 level retail, 2 levels of office = 3 stories, 45 feet height limit.

      "The Bronson Parking Lot": (currently open parking lot along Melrose from Irving to Bronson): proposing 1st floor - ground floor retail, 2nd story = parking; 3rd story is rooftop parking. Total = 3 stories, height of 45 feet.
      Staff didn't volunteer info on the following, though I asked the questions as well as other stakeholders and GWNC LUC committee members (various including Kyle's comments last week) in regard to: placement of driveways from/to parking structures on our side streets, management of current and anticipated traffic problems on Melrose/"EIR will have to include very sophisticated transportation/traffic management plan--(J. Wolf, J. Kaliski), management of construction traffic/noise/trucks/trucks w/ excavation dirt; landscaping. Sharon Keyser of Paramount staff will take these questions and concerns back to the planning group (architects--Rios Clemente Hale, historical design team--Brenda Levin, historical resources group--Christie McAvoy.)
      Note: all the retail space on ground floor of parking structures on Melrose is "to serve needs of employees", not the public. E.g., the retail on ground floor on So. side of Melrose might be accessed through internal hallways, not open to the public.
      The Paramount proposal is their 25 year plan--no timing of order of projects yet. Process starts with an Environmental Impact Report ("EIR"). Tonight's meeting takes input on what the EIR should address. Later we give input on how thorough and accurate the EIR report is.

      Please consider following closely the long, democratic process enabling us to have input on these proposals. I encourage LVNA board and especially neighbors on N-S streets running from Melrose to Clinton and beyond to be involved in the steps of democratic input in the process. Please forward to other concerned neighbors; please ask if others would like to be included in a discreet bcc list for future notices.

      The deadline for written comments regarding what you think should be studied in the Environmental Impact Report is November 14th. I'll email again regarding the address to which you may send your comments.

      Thank you for noting that this is a personal email from me and opinions/concerns contained here do not reflect the official position of the Larchmont Village Neighborhood Assn; the LVNA is awaiting more complete information before taking an official position.

      Karen Gilman
      LVNA secretary
      homeowner on Elmwood Ave.
      323-466-1541 home; 323-350-9225 cell


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