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509incident happened this afternoon in the 300 block of South McCadden Pl

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  • Gina
    Feb 16, 2009
      Hello everyone - Just got another SSA report about an incident that took place today.

      According to SSA this incident happened this afternoon in the 300 block of South
      McCadden Pl., at 4:30 pm. The victim, via e-mail, advises the following:

      This afternoon at approximately 4:15 there was an attempted home invasion at our
      residence, 3 __ South McCadden Place.
      I was the only person home, although I am usually at work at this hour but had taken the
      day off.
      2 males, early 20's 1 Black, 1 Hispanic or light-skinned
      Black, drove into our driveway, rang our front door bell several times
      (which I did not answer) and they then moved their car from the
      driveway to park across the street, a bit 'catty corner'. Watching out the window, I saw
      them leave the car, put on black hooded sweatshirts,
      ( I was in full alarm mode by now!) and they proceeded to walk down our
      driveway to the back of our property. I then heard attempts to get into
      the back doors/windows, and immediately called 911. Simultaneously,
      --and while scared out of my wits!!--they continued their jimmying and
      then I could tell they had gotten onto a single story roof from which
      they could access several rooms upstairs. I fled our home,and called
      back 911. While watching from behind the neighbor's wall, I soon
      watched 2 black females, late teens/early 20's also dressed in jeans
      and hooded colored sweatshirts, get into the car (I had no idea they
      where they came from! (maybe 'spotters' ??), then out immediately and
      (saunter!!) down the street, not wanting to attract attention.

      Just at this time the police helicopter came overhead, and several
      police cars were attempting to cordon off the area streets-- but one of
      the hooded males streaked down the side of our property, jumped into
      the car ( a golden-taupe new model Nissan, maybe Altima? no plates,
      but Galpin Ford new paper plates on the front, broken passenger side
      mirror)......and screeched/burned rubber down the street towards 4th
      Street. The 2 females rounded the corner and then male #2 raced down
      4th Street (apparently he had escaped the property by jumping the back
      fence and headed south on Las Palmas to get onto 4th street--and (I
      assume) they all--the 2 girls and male #2-- were picked up on 4th
      heading toward Highland and undoubtedly eluded the police in the area.

      I must say that, all things considered, the police responded quite
      promptly, professionally, and on the ready line. Once they investigated
      the property, they went through each room on all 3 floors and cleared
      the house to my great comfort.

      I write full details to let you know that there were several factors
      that I believe contributed to the 'selection' of our home":

      #1 My housekeeper had just left the house--a bit early-- and headed to the
      bus stop (might have they been watching for her exit??).

      #2 I suspect that they drove into the driveway to view the back portion of our
      driveway, to determine if any cars were there and, hence, people were in
      the house. Not sure what they would have done had I answered the
      doorbell though !?!

      #3 The property directly behind us is posted For Lease and it is apparent that
      it is presently unoccupied, hence, the additional opportunity for no 'surveillance'
      to the back of our house.

      I thank G-d and my lucky stars that I did not crumble in the midst of
      this, and managed to keep my wits. I write with the hope that this note
      may alert my neighbors near and far that there are bonafide "no
      goodniks" lurking out there--even in broad daylight!-- and I encourage
      everybody not to drop their guard nor become too casual about the
      security of their property.

      Kind regards,


      This incident, had the victim remained in the residence, would certainly have had the
      potential of going from a Residential Burglary to a "Home Invasion Robbery", or even