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503Dog found on New Year's Eve

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  • ardenbarb
    Jan 2, 2009
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      Hi everyone,

      A sweet young dog followed my husband and dog home just after 10 pm on
      New Year's Eve. My husband first noticed him in the 500 block of North
      Lucerne. The dog is a short-haired male (possibly an Akita mix), tan
      with big ears and some white markings on chest and paws. He seems to
      be in good health and is friendly, so I'm sure he belongs to someone.
      Unfortunately he was not wearing a collar or tag, and he is not

      If you hear anything about someone looking for a lost dog or see any
      signs or think of anything else that would help us get this pup back
      home, please let us know. My cell number is (323) 445-9659.

      Thanks so much, and Happy New Year.

      North Arden Blvd.