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455Larchmont Blvd. Proposed Ordinance--act now!

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  • GiLpErsOn2@aol.com
    Aug 17, 2008
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      ? ? ? ?Proposed Larchmont Zoning Measure

      Dear Neighbors,
      Many of you attending the preliminary community meetings on June 12 and 19 and may have attended the Public Hearing last Tuesday night. If you have not had a chance to make your family's voice heard, please do so now. Joan's summary below is very informative. The record will be held open until Tuesday night.
      Karen and Mike Gilman
      Elmwood Avenue

      The Public Hearing for the Proposed Larchmont Village Zoning Change was held on August 12. The Department of City Planning is holding the record open on this topic until AUGUST 19. I am asking each of you to write a short email SUPPORTING THE PROPOSED LARCHMONT ZONING MEASURE to the attention of Teresa.Batson@... <mailto:Teresa.Batson@...> ?(Be sure to put the "dot" .between Teresa & Batson).

      Briefly, the zoning changes will reduce the height limit for new construction in Larchmont Village from the current 45 feet to 35 feet. We feel this will protect the privacy and light of those homes on Gower and Lucerne and keep the small scale of the Village. The new zoning will also limit the street frontage width of any new construction to 50 feet. We feel ?this will discourage large chain stores and encourage diversity of businesses. Lastly, the new zoning will require a 5 foot set back at street level for any new construction. This will protect our wide sidewalks which are currently not addressed in any zoning ordinance.

      These measures are aimed at preserving the small town character and scale of Larchmont Village. We want Larchmont Village to remain a community serving shopping village. I am happy to answer any questions you or your friends may have. Thank you for your support, we need as many emails as possible.

      Joane Henneberger Pickett
      Larchmont Boulevard Association Board Member
      Pickett Fences & Petticoats Owner

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