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453Hollywood billboard blight from Supergraphics -- we can fight it!

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  • euphoric52
    Jul 21, 2008
      I received the message below, and everyone concerned with visual
      pollution, and the destruction of our northern skyline, should take heed.

      Dear Outposters and Friends,
      > As you may be aware, many historic and other buildings in Hollywood
      > have been plastered with Supergraphics, becoming, in effect,
      > billboards, rather than architecture.   Some of our residents
      > have taken an active role in fighting this trend. 
      > Tomorrow (Saturday) and next Wednesday, the City of LA will be
      > conducting public hearings about Supergraphics.   If this issue
      > concerns you, please consider attending one of the workshops listed
      > below.   In addition, below I have included a letter written by
      > Outposter Steve Scott, who sits on the Hollywood Design Review
      > Committee.  If someone wants to submit an opposing view, please do
      > so.   So far, I've received not a single e-mail in support of
      > Supergraphics.
      > Here's the info:
      > Workshop 1: Saturday July 19th, 10 am to 12 pm, at the 'Old Fire
      > Station 27', 1355 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028
      > Workshop 2: Wednesday July 23rd, 10 am to 12 pm,
      > Hollywood Presbyterian Church, (Mears Center), 1760 N. Gower St.,
      > Hollywood, CA 90028 
      > Here's the letter from Steve Scott:
      > The City of Los Angeles & the CRA are conducting workshops seeking
      > community input regarding new Sign Regulations this Saturday
      > (tomorrow) and Wednesday (see pdf attachment). This is the Hollywood
      > residents' last best chance to influence the future of Billboard and
      > Supergraphic regulations for our community. There is power in numbers,
      > so please try to attend one of the remaining two meetings and let your
      > voices be heard.   After speaking to numerous neighbors, community
      > leaders and after witnessing the unprecedented destruction of the
      > architectural aesthetics of our beloved Hollywood by regulated and
      > unregulated Supergraphics, I have seen a consensus emerge. I encourage
      > you to pursue this consensus when attending the workshop and when
      > speaking with other city officials:
      > 1)     The complete ban and elimination of all Supergraphics from
      > Hollywood.
      > 2)     Meaningful, punitive fines for illegal Billboards and
      > Supergraphics that will serve as a powerful fiscal deterrent, backed
      > by aggressive enforcement.
      > Regarding item #1: Why call for a complete ban on Supergraphics? Ask
      > yourself this: Do you or your community benefit from being enshrouded
      > in Supergraphics? Does it make Hollywood a better, more attractive
      > place to live, or does it cheapen and blight it? If there is no
      > compelling benefit, then we should seek to bring back the sanity of a
      > few years ago by removing the offending Supergraphics. A complete ban
      > is the only way to combat the blight because current guidelines that
      > sought to allow even limited use of Supergraphics have been completely
      > abused and in many cases, such as the Roosevelt Hotel, ignored. We now
      > have the benefit of experience to see that any allowance or opening
      > for the use of Supergraphics covering architecture will be blatantly
      > and cynically abused to the extreme detriment of our neighborhood.
      > It's worth remembering that, for almost all of Hollywood's history,
      > merchants and landlords were not allowed to place advertising banners
      > (i.e. Supergraphics) on buildings. Further, printed advertising could
      > not cover more than 10% of any store window. They themselves sought
      > these limits to keep their neighborhood beautiful, and yet they
      > managed to survive and thrive. It is only within the last few years
      > that the relentless, cancerous, defacing of Hollywood by Supergraphics
      > has proceeded unchecked at a shocking pace. Beautiful, irreplaceable
      > architecture, details and windows are being heartlessly enshrouded and
      > entombed for the profit of non-resident agencies, advertisers and
      > landlords who obviously have no concern for the aesthetics of our
      > neighborhood. Gone seem to be the days of community leaders who had
      > the aesthetic ethics to protect our neighborhood from blight, and who
      > took pride in maintaining the beauty and integrity of Hollywood's
      > unique architectural treasures. Another price of Supergraphics:
      > Residents of apartments, hotels and condos used to be able to count on
      > a clear view out of a window, unobstructed by Supergraphics, but no
      > more. As an example, the refurbished Metropolitan Apartment Tower on
      > Sunset has been approved by the CRA to be covered on one side by
      > Supergraphics, obstructing the views of the residents. This is
      > shameful and unprecedented, but also sets a new precedent for other
      > landlords to similarly block powerless tenants views with
      > Supergraphics.
      > The sad truth is that unless the residents who elect our politicians
      > take a firm, unswerving stand against the unchecked proliferation of
      > Supergraphic blight by eliminating all Supergraphics, EVERY building
      > in our neighborhood will be at risk. In fact, they already are.
      > Please support the complete Ban & Elimination of All Supergraphics in
      > Hollywood!  
      > Sincerely, Steven J. Scott
      > Outpost Circle, Outpost Estates, Hollywood
      > Sent by
      > Bob Eicholz
      > Webmaster / Board Member Outpost Homeowners Association
      > Senior Vice President, EFILM Hollywood
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