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1590Preferential parking districts

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  • Sarah Greene
    Apr 19 5:05 PM
      We are on the 500 block of N Arden and parking for guests has become a nightmare over the last few months. I've started looking into getting permit, 2-hr parking for our street. So far I have yet to hear back from anyone at the LA DOT via email and they don't answer the phone (shockingly;)).
      Has anyone on any other streets had luck with this?
      Email me privately if you live on Arden and are interested in getting this changed. I'm willing to spearhead the effort.

      On Apr 10, 2014, at 11:39 AM, Polly Wheelock <pollywheelock@...> wrote:


      I have trapped hundreds of cats in the hood, and I got burnt out.  Those are not people allowing their cats out @ night, those are stray cats that need to be humanely altered and returned.  I dont live in the village area any longer, but until someone steps up and traps, the problem just gets worse.  Most people have the attitude 'they arent my cats' Well, they weren't mine ither, but someone has to step up and do it.  I did it for 20 yrs.   One can obtain traps from Fix Nation and get them altered for free so the fighting stops.   Its volunteer/rescue work that one cant just assume someone else is doing.    MOST people dont let their cats out.  The ones that r fighting @ night have a hard knock life.  They need to be fixed before they rapidly multiply! 

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      I would like to caution everyone that an outdoor cat attacked our dog and scratched his nose the other day, causing it to bleed extensively. We were walking over on Lucerne and this cat jumped out from a bush and attacked. I had to chase it away. 

      Be safe!

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      On Apr 10, 2014, at 4:17 AM, <msterion@...> wrote:

      For the health of your cats, and the restful sleep of your neighbors, please keep your pets in at least at night, especially if you can't get around to spaying and neutering them. Now a long-haired black cat has joined others in prowling 600 block of North Bronson/Irving, and all cats are very noisy and combative. They are also vulnerable to serious, expensive injuries from fighting, and to horrifying, painful, lonely death due to injury by cars, and predation by the racoons and coyotes seen frequently on our streets due to the drought. This is neglect, not "freedom" and nobody who cares for their pet puts their cats out at night. PLEASE protect the health of your cats (and that of other cats, and the small animals they all prey on) by keeping them in, night AND day, and insist that your neighbors do the same. There is no excuse for such ignorant, reckless abusive pet ownership in this day and age, and in our otherwise quiet neighborhood.

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