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1582Cat Fights at 3:47 AM?!!!

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  • msterion
    Apr 10, 2014
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      For the health of your cats, and the restful sleep of your neighbors, please keep your pets in at least at night, especially if you can't get around to spaying and neutering them. Now a long-haired black cat has joined others in prowling 600 block of North Bronson/Irving, and all cats are very noisy and combative. They are also vulnerable to serious, expensive injuries from fighting, and to horrifying, painful, lonely death due to injury by cars, and predation by the racoons and coyotes seen frequently on our streets due to the drought. This is neglect, not "freedom" and nobody who cares for their pet puts their cats out at night. PLEASE protect the health of your cats (and that of other cats, and the small animals they all prey on) by keeping them in, night AND day, and insist that your neighbors do the same. There is no excuse for such ignorant, reckless abusive pet ownership in this day and age, and in our otherwise quiet neighborhood.
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