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1576Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council Elections - THIS SUNDAY, March 30, @ John Burroughs Middle School, 12-4, please vote!

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  • Karen Gilman
    Mar 27, 2014
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      Hi, Everyone --

      Just a quick reminder that the Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council
      elections will be held this Sunday, March 30, from 12-4 p.m. at John
      Burroughs Middle School (600 S. McCadden).

      If you live, work or own property within the GWNC area, you may vote
      for the Geographic Representative from your area...AND  for either our
      At Large seat OR one of our five special interest seats (Renters,
      Religion, Education, Business or Other Non-Profit Organization).

      For a full list of candidates running in the election, please see the
      official election website
      at http://empowerla.org/gwnc/greater-wilshire-nc-2014-elections/

      For more information, please see the attachments below, including
      GWNC's election flyer and a couple of handouts explaining how to
      register and vote in the election, and the kind of documentation you'll
      need to bring to the polls to register and prove your stakeholder
      status in the various categories you might choose to vote in. (Also,
      please note that ALL voters will need to register at the polls - this
      election is completely independent of other NC, city, state and federal
      elections and their registration processes.)

      Please, please, please come out and vote on Sunday - it will take just
      a few minutes of your time, YOUR VOTE COUNTS, and it will be a
      much-appreciated contribution to our grass roots civic engagement! 

      Your GWNC Election Team,
      Barbara Savage, Chair
      Fred Mariscal, Outreach

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