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1319Re: [LVNA90004] Nasty solicitor/burglar

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  • georgeafenady@aol.com
    Nov 8, 2012
      He too rang my door bell. When I didn't answer he began knocking and yelling "You not home?" I never said anything nor answered the door.

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      Subject: [LVNA90004] Nasty solicitor/burglar

      I'm in the 400 block of Arden. Tuesday night I was out at a friend's. When i returned, i found out that he knocked on our door at 630pm, as my 24 year old daughter was leaving for work. She told him, "no", and got in her car and drove away. Five minutes later he rang the door bell again! Fortuitously, my other daughter(her twin) happened to be visiting, so she answered the door. The girls didn't figure out what had happened until they talked later at 830pm, by which time, it wasn't a 911 call.

      In retrospect, we can see that he was simply looking for houses to burglarize.

      Lesson: Girl scout cookies and elementary school magazine drives aside, legitimate charities rarely, if ever, need to go door to door.

      Daughter number two was so impressed with the weird vibe that she drew a picture of the guy, and I've posted it.

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