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1301Suspicious activity 500 block N. Arden - 11/3-4?

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  • miss_eslee
    Nov 5, 2012
      Noticed adult knit sweaters (smells like men's cologne), children's socks, candy wrappers, and debris on my driveway in between my parked car and the small fence bordering neighbor's yard this Sunday afternoon.

      Made me think someone used the space to sleep or just dump items real quick.

      Surrounding areas of this house looks okay. Car or house wasn't broken into.
      (this may not be related and coincidental, but the little bar that snaps into the latch of the gate on the side of the house was broken and on the ground. there was no way the gate was opened because a pad lock on a secondary latch)

      Has anyone noticed suspicious people on the block over the weekend?