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  • GiLpErsOn2@aol.com
    May 20, 2012
      This LVNA90004 email blast group serves the Larchmont Village Neighborhood Assn., whose boundaries are: Beverly to Melrose, Arden to Wilton Place. All addresses served by LVNA-related block watches on Arden or Windsor Blvds. would be "north."

      Windsor Square is a different neighborhood with a different neighborhood assn., the Windsor Square Assn. They have a website, they have a block watch chair, Wendy Savage, I believe. So, if you live south of Beverly Blvd., the answer to your question can be found with the Windsor Square Assn.

      Hope this helps!

      Karen Gilman
      LVNA Secretary,
      Elmwood Ave.

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      Subject: Re: [LVNA90004] Notice from SSA

      When you say Neighborhood Watch for Arden and Irving, do you mean North or South? Also, does that mean all the other Windsor Square streets have neighborhood watches?


      On May 19, 2012, at 5:49 PM, GiLpErsOn2@... wrote:

      > Yes, LAPD steps up the amount of drive-by patrols based on statistics of crimes reported. Which is a convenient way of reminding us that EVERY crime and suspicious event needs to be reported because the captain's statistics on Monday mornings drive the decisions about assignments of patrol cars.
      > Note that in the e-policing alert report sent by SLO Joe Pelayo of LAPD Olympic Division this week (about the Irving Blvd. crime) that he recommends keeping alarm system 'on' even when at home (I know, Joel D., you questioned this, and I understand that having young children at home makes this challenging, but setting alarm when we are asleep certainly is reasonable.)
      > If this is enough to get Arden Blvd. and Irving Blvd. to set up official Neighborhood Watch block groups, please know that the LVNA will be happy to be approached by you to contribute a 50% match for the purchase price of the signs (not the labor/installation, but the purchase of the signs themselves; SLO's will explain when you set up a planning meeting.) Stu Melvin of Beachwood has offered to help any of you go forth and will share with you what he and Annie Chow did to make it happen.
      > Karen Gilman
      > LVNA Secretary
      > Elmwood Ave.
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      > Subject: RE: [LVNA90004] Notice from SSA
      > Hello everyone this is all just too much. Does anyone know if lapd will be doing patrols of our area?
      > Thank you to everyone who has been posting this information.
      > Sarita singh
      > 400 N. block of Arden
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      > Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 10:35 AM
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      > Subject: Re: [LVNA90004] Notice from SSA
      > New alert from SSA today:
      > Sorry to have to do this again!!!!
      > SSA CLIENT
      > DATE/TIME: 05-17 / 05-18-12 10:30 PM TO 6:30 AM
      > On 05-18-12 at 6:30am, one of our SSA clients awoke and found that unknown suspect(s) entered his two-story home between the time he went to bed (10:30pm on 05-17-12) and when he awoke (6:30am 05-18-12). All parties were upstairs when this occurred.
      > This is a “HOT PROWL BURGLARY”. A HOT PROWL is when the criminal(s) enter a home while the victim(s) are inside, asleep, but no contact is made between the victim and the criminal.
      > The points of interest in this matter are as follows:
      > · The suspect(s) climbed the driveway gate (which was shut and locked) and entered the rear yard
      > · The victim had several doors and windows unlocked
      > · The alarm was not activated
      > · The suspect(s) appear to have made entry via a kitchen window where the suspect(s) opened an alarm screen but not in the traditional sense. The suspect(s) opened it like a door. It is assumed the suspect(s) did this in this manner to not unplug the screen thinking by removing the screen it would set off the alarm
      > o However, according to our alarm expert, moving the screen in any manner off the track or cutting the screen would have set the alarm off
      > o Also, according to the expert, a feature of the modern alarm systems and especially the screen alarms is they can be set independently to remain on 24 hours a day. This is prudent as window screens are rarely opened for access.
      > Also of interest, the victim has a dog; however, the dog was upstairs with the family and never barked or made any noise that would have alerted the victim/homeowner.
      > Property taken was a woman’s purse and lap top that was on the kitchen counter. No other rooms were ransacked or disturbed
      > There is no description of suspects or vehicles.
      > LAPD Wilshire Officers responded quickly and took a report of the crime. Potential print evidence is in progress.
      > 1. Ensure all doors and windows are closed and secured when retiring for the evening
      > a. If your home is equipped with alarmed screens, windows can be opened (see explanation above)
      > b. However, the alarm activating these screens must be set in the 24 hours mode
      > i. If your alarm system is not set for this 24 hour screen alarm method, contact your alarm company and determine if it can be designed in this manner
      > ii. Then, arm the screens on a 24 hour basis
      > 2. It is suggested that when retiring for the evening, the alarm is set for intrusion from the exterior
      > 3. Ensure the lighting surrounding your home is adequate to illuminate an intruder. This lighting can be:
      > a. Constant lighting flooding the areas of ingress and egress
      > b. Motion detector lighting in the areas of ingress or egress
      > 4. Ensure your valuables are secured in your home either in your master suite or an area in the home where they are not visible.
      > SSA remains vigilant in the security of our clients.
      > Stay Safe,
      > Jerry Shaw Terry Segraves Larry Chamberlain
      > Terry M. Segraves
      > Executive Vice-President
      > Shaw, Segraves & Associates, Inc
      > SSA Security Group, inc
      > 21601 Devonshire St. Ste 317
      > Chatsworth, CA 91311
      > 818-773-5600
      > Fax; 818-773-5611
      > Tsegraves@... <mailto:Tsegraves%40ssa-pi.com>;;
      > www.shawsegraves.net
      > www.ssa-securitygroup.com
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