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Re: [myfavoritethingsLA] FOUND little dog -- know him?? OWNER FOUND!

Owners found! Turns out our neighbors on Gower belong to little Kipper, who doesn't usually go out for walks -- gate was left open by a worker. Get your
tara kelly
Apr 14

FOUND little dog -- know him??

I found this very friendly and terrified little dog this afternoon on N. Gower, one block from Larchmont. No collar, no microchip. Vet thinks he might be a
tara kelly
Apr 14

Re: Construction on Rosewood

At 5022/5026 W. Rosewood Ave., the permit applicant has planned a density bonus apartment building with 22 units, 4 stories. Underground parking, one floor
Karen Gilman
Apr 12

Construction on Rosewood

Hi all- There are two houses being torn down on Rosewood today. Does anyone know what is going up in their place? Thank you! Marc
Marc Warzecha
Apr 11

Re: Puppy found on Wiltern and Beverly

What’s he look like? The sad part is - he may have been dropped. It happens all the time. Check and see if he was chipped, you can go to any vet. Just
Frankie Ingrassia
Apr 6

Need a Weds. gardner

Hello all, Can anyone recommend a gardner who is available to work on Wednesdays. I live on the 500 block of N. Bronson. Please email me with any contact info
Carrie Ferenc
Apr 6

Puppy found on Wiltern and Beverly

A friend found a male puppy, approximately 4-5 months old, near Beverly and Wilton on 04/05/15. If this is your dog or you know someone who has lost a dog
Apr 6

Dog found!

Sent from my iPhone
Lexi Conrad
Apr 6

Lost dog

Hi - my parents' visiting dog German Shepard mix just ran up van ness from Beverley and we are trying to find him - his name is Jamie and u can call me
Lexi Conrad
Apr 6

2 Coyotes Seen at Rossmore and Clinton - Did NOT back off

I have a 70 lbs dog and encountered 2 coyotes (along with my neighbors) tonight around 11:30 PM at Clinton and Lilian Way. After several minutes they walked
Apr 3

A Message from LA Sanitation re garbage pick up day

Yesterday LA Sanitation experienced a job action that resulted in 60% of its collection drivers failing to report to work. Despite this significant reduction
Karen Gilman
Apr 2

Landscaping with bricks

Hey friends, Like many of you, we need to redo our yard to better use our water resources. We've checked Turf Terminators website but didn't see designs
Apr 2

Re: Incident on Rosewood

As some may have noticed from the visible damage, we had an even worse incident at the end of February... fortunately nobody injured. At the corner of Irving
Delman, Joel
Mar 19

Re: Incident on Rosewood

This is from another neighborhood Same guy If anyone has an connection with any police dept please contact them to further investigate him.... Erin O'Rourke,
Kevin Landa
Mar 18

Incident on Rosewood

This afternoon at 2pm I heard the screeching of tires. I ran out front and saw a pick up truck who clearly lost control. He jumped the curb at the corner of
Mar 18
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