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Re: Hi From New LVL Builder

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  • jeffreyroachga
    They re aluminum: http://www.westwindow.com/doors-westclassic.asp
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 4, 2012
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      They're aluminum: http://www.westwindow.com/doors-westclassic.asp

      --- In LVHomeFans@yahoogroups.com, "darkuehl" <darkuehl@...> wrote:
      > You say " aluminum clad " what does that mean.? A 5' slider that was wood ,wrapped in alum.would only have the strength of the wood, and they would be very heavy.The purpose of an extrusion is the internal structural make up, extruded as once pc." clad" glazing not only has to hold up the weight of the wood, but must be built thick enough to withstand the stress of being able to hold up the total window weight, and still function. Not a very good design standard, as race car people have found out, along with the first generation of " clad" windows, from people like Pella , and Anderson.
      > --- In LVHomeFans@yahoogroups.com, "Jeffrey" <jeffreyroachga@> wrote:
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      > > We've been in our LV a few months now. The windows and doors are from West Windows. We ordered from their commercial line, which are aluminum clad and thermally broken. The frames are painted white, which wasn't my first choice, but ended up looking great.
      > >
      > > We tried a lot of different vendors but West was the only one that worked in the long run. I can post a picture if you want to see them. Our house is in the mountains of North Carolina.
      > >
      > > Jeffrey
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      > > --- In LVHomeFans@yahoogroups.com, "bj0ne5" <bj0nes@> wrote:
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      > > > Hi:
      > > > I am just getting underway with my LVL plans - I have purchased the land (Mid-Atlantic region) and I'm starting to get down to customizing the design. I'd appreciate any feedback any members here have (though I know this group seems like it's not very active these days).
      > > > I'm debating over whether to go with a traditional foundation & bamboo flooring or a poured concrete floor (with radiant heat). Did anyone find a huge price difference between these?
      > > > I'm wondering what glass people have been happy or unhappy with - it's going to be a lot of glass pointed roughly south, so low-e glass seems needed.
      > > > I'm leaning toward foam insulation rather than batt, anything I should be aware of there?
      > > > Depending on the price, I may put in a geothermal open loop system.
      > > > I'm thinking of putting in Lighting Science Glimpse 6" led lights as the main overhead lighting, any experience with those? Any other dimmable, decent color leds that I should be looking at?
      > > > If you've been living in your LVL for a while, what would you have done differently? I'd love to hear any suggestions anyone has!
      > > > Thanks,
      > > > Bobby
      > > >
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