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41Re: [LTSHockey] Practice on Wednesday?

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  • michael smith
    Feb 20, 2007
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      I don't think our have missed any of our practices.  The scheduler gave us some make-up ice while I was gone this past week in California.  The notice was short and we didn't have the coaches to make it happen so I gave the ice to 3 on 3. perhaps that's what yo have heard about?

      Shannon Rose <rose.sc@...> wrote:
      Coach Mike:
      I heard a rumor that there have been practices on Wednesdays the last
      couple of weeks. These weren't on our schedule (and we rec'd no e-
      mail), but given the weather and level of cabin fever in our home, we
      would like the opportunity to attend if there are practices going on.
      Can you please let us know if there is practice on Wednesday of this
      week? Please advise.
      Shannon Rose

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