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LRRC autumn running, no sweat

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  • Evan Sandt
    Lancaster Road Runners Club LRRC Things to do, see, contemplate, educate, inform, ****************** RSVP – I now know. Atlantic City Marathon clarification
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 17, 2001
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      Lancaster Road Runners Club LRRC
      Things to do, see, contemplate, educate, inform,


      RSVP � I now know.
      Atlantic City Marathon clarification

      WED 10/17
      THU 10/18 Mt. Gretna 6:00 PM Pinch Rd parking lot (limited light)
      FRI 10/19
      SAT 10/20
      SUN 10/21 County Park 7:30 AM Lancaster County Park
      MON 10/22
      TUE 10/23 Landis Valley 6:15 PM Landis Valley/Covered Bridges


      Bob-thanks for the fitting tues finale fun run. Good run/good time/good
      talk/good chow/. Guess if there�s �season� for fun runs, the �at people�s
      houses� season is over. Thanks to everyone that put one on-beginning in May
      all the way to now. Tuesdays are not dead though, next week�s Landis
      Valley, followed by Long�s Park the Tuesday after that.


      Upcoming Race � enter today, enter your friends, enter your neighbors or
      kids, give an early holiday present get �em entered and make someone smile

      DISTANCE 7 Mile Road Race
      WHEN October 27, 2001 10:00 AM
      WHERE Mount Hope Estate & Winery Route 72 Close to Turnpike Exit 20 (you
      can see from turnpike)
      DIRECTIONS Take Route 72 head � mile south of PA Turnpike Exit 20
      APPLICATION: LRRC website: http://www.geocities.com/lrrclub/MtHope.html
      Need volunteers! Come support your local running community by working an aid
      station, working the start/finish, handing out food, handing out water,
      taking splits, placing cones, taking in the scenery, placing signs, driving
      the pace car, working the start, working the finish chute, and yelling and
      screaming like Wellesley Girls for your favorite runner. And remember, it
      IS cool to stick around for the entire race! Going home early is very
      loser-ly. Contact esandt@... and I�ll get you in touch with the
      right people.


      Larry Gray ran the Atlantic City Marathon over the weekend. Nice job Larry.
      See Donald Trump? Actually Larry observed the marathon, and competed with
      the table, sorry. Know how to play baccarat?

      To run the Covered Bridges 10 Mile Race on saturday. Another 10 mile-rrrr.
      Maybe the format is not dead. Though I have not run the race, I�ve run some
      of the course and thought it more than better than okay. Check out this
      fall classic.

      RANDOM mull over stuff
      Received a $50 tuition voucher to my alma mater-Rochester Institute of
      Technology (not RPI, not RTI, or the U or R;..........RIT). Technically,
      this means the $50 application fee is waived to the applicant. Normally I
      throw this type of thing out with all the other �You�ve given us 4-5 years
      of tuition dollars, why not contribute to our trillion dollar endowment� but
      this is actually something that saves the 50 bucks that�s required from
      interested applicants. So, if you�ve got a child even thinking about
      heading to RIT for the next 4-5 years, I�ll be happy to throw this thing in
      the mail to the first person that shouts. Lemme know - esandt@...


      ��RSVP = abbreviation for the french "respondez s'il vous plait" which
      translated literally means respond (or answer) if you please. I knew 3
      years for French in college would be useful some time.�� Thank you Bob from

      Does this have to do with running? Sure, we�ll be talking all about running
      while drinking at 243 Elm Street, Lancaster PA, USA. Don your cap, gown or
      any particular costume you care to don and ham it up on Elm St October 27,
      6:30 pm. LRRC resident females, Karen Shiley (little, not big, Karen) and
      Cyndi (don�t forget the i and the y) Dolgas will be putting on this little
      party to celebrate the best holiday of the year, Halloween. Delightful
      beverages will be available to everyone that attends. They do request that
      attendees bring some semblance of potluck (defined, this means whatever food
      is on hand without special buying) food. Everything else will be already
      there-won�t have to eat with fingers. Everyone reading this little invite
      is invited, even RATS. Come one, come all. Don�t be shy, even if one does
      not know anyone, they certainly will on 10/27 in short order. Details?
      esandt@... & I�ll get you to the right place/I�ll have my people
      talk to your people/blahblahblahblahblah. Oh yeah, please RSVP (what�s this
      stand for?-see above.

      Cascade can be spelled solely with the left hand on a keyboard. So far,
      Cascade (Washington) is in the lead with 3 votes, Leadville (Colorado) 1,
      Lake Superior (Michigan) 1, Angeles Crest (Calif) 2, Wasatch (Utah) 1,
      Badwater (Cally) 1, The Plain (WA)


      From Lancaster, take Rt. 272 north to Landis Valley Rd, make left at light,
      turn right at Farm Museum, look for runners in very large parking lot.
      Run the course that everyone runs. This is truly one of the most well known
      courses in the running community. The course truly runs through the old and
      new of Lancaster county � from the high rent Hunsicker/Butter road
      compounds, and on through the Amish farmland. This is the run that bookends
      the �away from Long�s park� fun run season. Come out and enjoy. Check out
      the website�s rave run too-http://www.geocities.com/lrrclub/Snakehill.html
      BTW: the course has many names including Snake Hill, Covered Bridges, Twin
      Bridges, The Northbrook Strider homecourse and probably a fewmore.

      THURSDAY 10/18 MT GRETNA Meet at Game Lands Parking Lot on Pinch Road.
      Though Mt. Gretna is known for its trails, lots of nice roads are available
      to run. Mt. Hope is very close, one could incorporate some of the October
      27th 2001 (Mark Your Calendars Now!) Distance Classic Course into a nice
      run, or make up a course from the parking lot (Cider Press Road for
      starters). Or run the trails. Those apprehensive to trail running will
      find Gretna to be a decent introduction-nothing too technical or vertical.
      Just watch out for the dog walkers.

      EVERY SUNDAY 7:30 AM at the County Park, Lancaster. Park in front of the
      pool. Run the course that made Bill Smith even more famous. Run with or
      without water crossings as fast or as slow as desired. Reset Bob Bergman�s
      6 (or was it 7?) loop record by running 9 loops. Spend the rest of the day
      enjoying whatever.



      October 20, 2001 (Saturday)
      Covered Bridge Classic 10 mile & 5K Atglen, PA 610-593-6538
      3rd Annual Killens Pond 5k Felton, DE 302-284-8994
      ALA Vertical Challenge* date change to 11-18-01 Wilmington, DE 302-655-7258
      x 22
      Baltimore Marathon 26.2 miles Baltimore, MD 410-377-8006
      Back Stage Cafe 5k Wilmington,DE info@... 302-654-6400
      Rye Township 4th Annual 5 km Race Rye Township, Marysville,
      Pa. 717-730-2747 (w), 717-957-4740 (h).

      October 21, 2001 (Sunday)
      12th Women's Race Against Breast Cancer 5k Wilmington,
      DE info@... 302-654-6400
      Pumpkin Patch Run 5k Dover, DE dsijan@... 302-744-7013
      Philly Boxers Run 5k & 10k Phila., PA RonAurit@... 215-722-6558
      William G. Rohrer Center for Health Fitness 5k Voorhees,
      NJ bdifilippo@... 856-325-5353
      Bowtree Run 5k West Chester, PA 610-696-1739
      Big Brothers \ Big Sisters 5k xc Bridgeton, NJ 856-825-6727
      Stratton-Peverley Run 5k Rockville, MD 410-836-1040
      Partner's in the Park 5k York, PA 717-840-7440
      Subaru Cross-Country 5k Wilmington, DE monkeyhillcs@... 267-625-3903
      31st Switch-Back Scamper 10k Jim Thorpe, PA 570-325-4293
      Olympiad Run 5k West Chester, PA 610-836-5990

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