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LRRC what 2 do? well you can start by.....

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  • Evan Sandt
    Lancaster Road Runners Club www.geocities.com/lrrclub ******* why this mail is coming for the second time this week. -Holiday party all invited & remember, you
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2001
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      Lancaster Road Runners Club

      why this mail is coming for the second time this week.

      -Holiday party all invited & remember, you CAN enjoy the best of both worlds
      -TNT below (via Chuck, thanks)
      -Shiver by the River top results (via Judy, thanks) gotta scroll down. I
      can get stuff from berks county races but not for the culdesac manheim twip
      run held in our backyard.... soccer mom�s holding these for ransom?
      -responses to perfect run question (Sil, thanks, the rest: no thanks, i�ll
      remember this next time the conversation turns to road construction,
      weather, or what�s on tv)
      -& something else i probably forgot.

      Annual LRRC Holiday get 2gether 12/13
      Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah,
      Yuletide Greetings, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Kwanzaa, belated Ramadan
      and Happy New Year....Join EVERYONE at the home of Lynn Morrow @ 23 N
      Prince St, Millersville, PA 17551 872-4895. 7 PM (turn right at House of
      Pizza, house (large) is on left. Please bring food to eat, & wine for
      host-ess. Talk about running, talk about the point of view out the back
      door, the barn door, running up hill, running downhill, running on rocks,
      running on rocksalt, talk politics, socks or whatever the stream of
      coherence puts out. All welcome.

      Note on TNT (Team In Training) Society Marathon Program. This is a great
      way to train with others for first marathons, triathlons, etc. Millions
      have tried & millions extol the virtues, like Chuck below.

      by Chuck Few, Mentor

      The LRRC includes 3-4 miles per week runners all the way to 100 mile and
      ultra enthusiasts. Everybody has their niche. What's important is that we

      If you have been looking for a reason to try a marathon, or even if you are
      veteran looking for a new experience, consider a TEAM-IN-TRAINING
      MEETING in JANUARY. My dad died of Leukemia in 1991. My first marathon,
      1998, was for TNT in celebration of his life. At the pre-race dinner a
      said the race would "change your life forever." That has been a true beyond
      belief! TNT is a way that I can make a difference!

      You are invited to any of these meetings, or, give me a call for further
      information. My number is 898-2285. The Society office number is 652-6520.
      Run or walk a 26.2 mile marathon, a � marathon, a 100 mile bike century, or

      Meeting dates and locations:
      1/5/02 Mechanicsburg Library, 10:30 a.m.
      1/5/02 Harrisburg East Library, 2:00 p.m.
      1/6/02 Leukemia and Lymphoma Society office (Harrisburg) 2:00 p.m.
      1/7/02 York Martin Library, 6:00 p.m.
      1/8/02 Lancaster Health Campus, 6:00 p.m.

      -guise of (training run) agenda

      WED 12/12
      THU 12/13 XMAS PARY 7:00 PM Home of Lynn Morrow
      FRI 12/14
      SAT 12/15
      SUN 12/16 County Park 7:30 AM Lancaster County Park
      MON 12/17
      TUE 12/18 Baker Field 6-6:30 PM Villa Nova Parking Lot Harrisburg Pike
      WED 12/19
      THU 12/20
      FRI 12/21
      SAT 12/22
      SUN 12/23 County Park 7:30 AM Lancaster County Park
      MON 12/24
      TUE 12/25 Christmas All day
      WED 12/26
      THU 12/27
      FRI 12/28
      SAT 12/29
      SUN 12/30 County Park 7:30 AM Lancaster County Park

      MON 12/31 New Year�s Eve Conestoga NITE RUN 10:45 PM Holtwood Park
      TUE 01/01 Eye Opener 12:00 PM Lancaster County Park
      WED 01/02
      THU 01/03
      FRI 01/04 Nite Run 8:00 PM Mt. Gretna
      SAT 01/05


      -guise of agenda detail

      TUESDAY NIGHT FUN-RUN: Because of the XMAS/Holiday display at Long�s Park,
      meet at Baker Field (Behind the Villa Nova, Harrisburg Pike). 4 run choices
      present themselves: Baker Field (grass field 1 5/8 mi), School Lane Hills
      Development behind baker field (asphalt 1 1/2ish mile loop), Franklin and
      Marshall Track (all weather track .25 mi) or, bring a light, the Brickyard
      Trails (dirt trail). Part II: where else? The Villa Nova, home of the
      Pranzo Burger. Come one, come all.

      EVERY SUNDAY 7:30 AM at the County Park, Lancaster. As much a tradition as
      politicians, taxes & kept women, the park is home to many a runner on a
      Sunday morning. Run the trails or roads. Do the 10k trail option, run the
      roads hard, past Rockford, the Golf Course, The Enviro Ctr or the Exhibit
      Farm. Hang around or go to church after, tell god the park�s okay.

      Shiver by the River results: 5k: 1. Mike Carriglitto 16:37 2. Mark
      Will-Wrbber 16:43 3. Scott Karwacki 16:54
      female 1. Rochelle Wolyniec 18:13 (26th overall), 2. Lisa Haas 18:17
      (40th), 3. Chelsea Mullins 19:34 (54th)
      10k 1. Tim Meade 33:19 2. Dorian McDonald, 33:59 and 3 Scott Lebo 34:07
      Female 10k Emily Shartzer 38:25 (14th overall), 2. Anne Nash 38:54 (18th
      overall), 3. Holly Bofinger 41:23 (36th overall)

      Sil Simpson, Judy Anttonen, Gordy Lantz, were all I saw from Lancaster but
      with over 400, I may have missed some!!


      SEND BUZZARDS FLAPPING - What hundred mile race to do, please cast your

      5 Cascade Crest (WA)
      4 Lake Superior (MN)
      2 Leadville (CO)
      3 Angeles Crest (CA)
      1 Wasatch (UT)
      1 Badwater (CA)
      1 The Plain (WA)
      1 Mohican (OH)


      -guise of race

      The Grincher 5k Run
      Saturday, Dec. 15, 2001 9:30 a.m.
      Manheim Central High School, Manheim, Pa.
      Awards: $$ to Overalls, runnersup, and Masters
      Ten year age groups to 60+++
      Preg: $14 Post Reg. $18 cheaper for no t-shirt entry
      Contact: John Brubaker 664-1616 or Matt Seigford 627-7541

      December 16, 2001 (Sunday)
      Christmas is for Giving 5k Phila., Ph 215-289-6285

      December 22, 2001 (Saturday)
      16th Haddon Holiday Heart Run 5k Haddon Twp., NJ 856-546-5600

      December 31, 2001 (Monday)
      Cingular Race Against Time 5k Wilmington, DE info@... 302-654-6400

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