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save the date - june 3rd for the pro-cyclin​g tour bike race in philadelphia

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  • dhrnsn
    sunday, june 3rd is this year s pro cycling tour philadelphia international championship and once again i (and my entourage) will be going to watch the 124
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      sunday, june 3rd is this year's pro cycling tour philadelphia
      international championship and once again i (and my entourage) will
      be going to watch the 124 mile race. we'll be riding from valley forge to fairmount
      park via the schuykill river bike path and am inviting you to join us!

      last year we had what i believe was the biggest group ever meeting at valley
      forge park and doing the ride into and out of the city of brotherly love - and
      from all the chatter i have been hearing about this year, i expect this year's
      group to be even larger.

      they have shortened the race to 124 miles and have a little later start so great,
      we don't have to get up as early. here is the itinerary i plan to follow:

      - leave home around 8a and meet in valley forge.

      - park your car (directions below!) at valley forge park and prepare to ride.

      - start the ride around 930 and arrive in manayunk just in time to see the riders
      on their first lap.

      - we'll walk up "the wall" and watch the race for a lap or two (woman's race
      starts a few minutes behind the men), then off to downtown thru fairmount park

      - watch the race at lemon hill and buy (or beg, borrow, or steal) something to eat
      and drink - there is always a huge crowd on lemon hill. probably the phila bike club
      will have their food stand set up again.

      - ride to the bike expo near the art museum and check that out for awhile

      - and since we are so close to the belgian cafe, we'll make our traditional visit to 21st and green
      for a quick visit and a belgian beer! (try to bring a bike lock if you have one).

      - after which we will return to fairmount park and and try to get to manayunk brewing in time to
      watch the race finish on tv.

      - then ride back to valley forge.

      we're not riding the whole time - many places the police make you
      get off your bike and walk it when you're forced onto the crowded
      sidewalks to stay off the race course. SO PLAN ON SOME WALKING AND HAVE
      AN ALTERNATIVE TO CLEATED BIKE SHOES. (i will ride my fixie and will wear touring
      spd type bike shoes. it would be better to wear running shoes and ride with your pedals
      upside down than to plan on walking around in cleats all day.)

      the bike path is about 14 miles (one way) from valley forge to
      manayunk, is very flat, has no hills and no auto traffic - however
      there will be 100's of bicyclists as i'm not the only one that does
      this ride. any type of bike is fine - i've done it on a mountain
      bike, road bike, a tandem, and fixed gear - so don't think you need
      something fancy - in fact the cheaper and uglier it looks, the less
      likely to have it stolen! (which i've never seen happen, but if you
      have a lock you might want to bring it).

      the parking lot at valley forge is very easy to find - you don't
      even need a map. just take the turnpike to valley forge exit, be sure
      to take a toll lane on the far right side then make first possible
      right exit about 50 yards beyond the toll. stay on that road about 1
      mile until you reach the valley forge national park (on the left),
      enter the park, turn right, go all the way down the hill to the large
      parking lot).

      *** please note *** - last year i think i changed 4 or 5 flats for riders in
      our group on the way to fairmount park. if you're bringing a bike you haven't
      ridden in a little while, might be a good idea to check it out and make sure
      all is ok before that sunday morning! and as always, if you need any help, please
      don't hesitate to call - i'll do what i can to help in any way.

      further race info - http://www.procyclingtour.com/

      bike path map - http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1017473

      questions? - feel free to email me directly. please join us, the
      more the merrier!

      dave hirneisen
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