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  • Brian Lintz
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    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2010

      Newark Community Day is on Sept. 19, the 3rd Sunday in Sept. Attached is a map of where the LPD space will be.


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      Community Day Logo.tif


      SPACE NUMBER 1636

      Please see location on the attached map.


      Tuesday, September 7, 2010





      Dear Community Day Vendor,


      Community Day is right around the corner and we are looking forward to another beautiful day and successful event. Below is a list of guidelines for the event. Vendors not adhering to the event guidelines below or following the directions of staff members or area coordinators may be asked to leave the event and will be suspended from future events with the City of Newark Parks and Recreation Department.


      1.   Please check in with a volunteer or staff member upon arrival. Arrival and set-up for vendors will be between 7:30 and 10:45AM. We recommend that you drop off supplies at your assigned drop off location and then move your vehicle into a parking area before setting up.  The drop off and pick up locations are as follows:

      ·         100s, 400s, 800s (801-845) – Behind Brown Lab and Dupont Hall (Attached Map 1)

      ·         200s, 300s, 500s, 600(601-615, 642-646), 900s – South College Avenue Between Hullihen Hall and Gore Hall (two access points) (Attached Map 2)

      ·         600s (616-641), 700s (741-746), 800s (846-858) – Behind Wolf Hall (Attached Map 1)

      ·         700s (701-734), 860s, 1000s, 1500s, and 1600s area – Delaware Avenue (Attached Map 3)

      ·         1400s - Are able to keep vehicles at their assigned location on the paved sports courts to the north of Delaware Avenue. (Attached Map 4)



      2.   All vendors are required to stay set-up for the duration of the event (11AM – 4PM) and must stop all sales at the conclusion of the event (4PM). No sales or promotions will be permitted after 4PM.


      3.   Please display your vendor number in the window of your vehicle during drop off and pick up. Vehicles left unattended will be towed at the owners expense.


      4.   If you have been assigned a space with power, it will be noted with a ‘P’ following your space number(s). All vendors with supplied power, MUST BRING A POWER SUPPLY CORD WITH A GFI / SURGE PROTECTOR BUILT IN. Any vendor without a GFI will not be permitted to use electrical power at the event.


      5.   ALL VENDORS DISTRIBUTING OR SELLING FOOD must meet the following requirements in order to participate in this event.


      ·         You must obtain a temporary food permit from the Delaware Department of Health by September 14th. Please call (302) 995-8650 for permit information. This permit must be on hand at the event in order to participate.

      ·         Food vendors with BBQ pits, grills, or generators must have a visible fire extinguisher at the event.


      6.   A Carry In - Carry Out Policy has been implemented for all vendors. Vendors are responsible for removal and disposal of all trash generated by and surrounding their booth space. Please leave your area clean following the event. No liquid waste dumping is permitted. Please dispose of all waste properly (this includes oils and soapy water).


      7.   The City of Newark Parks & Recreation Department does not supply tables, chairs, or canopies for event vendors. Each organization/business is responsible for supplying all items needed for set up and the loading in and out of materials for the event.


      8.   The City of Newark Parks & Recreation Department makes arrangements with musicians and performers for the day’s performances. No other performers will be permitted during the course of the event.


      9.   The sale and distribution of silly string, shaving cream, or other spray cans are not permitted during Parks and Recreation Department events. These items have become a nuisance at events by damaging vendors’ merchandise and causing great disturbances throughout the events. If you see anyone selling or using these items during the event, please inform your area coordinator, a staff member or police officer.


      10.        We would like to ask that vendors, businesses, and organizations make an effort to minimize trash during and after the event. For example, placing stickers on people as they pass results in stickers being stuck to buildings, pavement and other stationary objects, which require extensive cleaning following the event.


      11.        Helium balloons are NOT permitted at this event.


      12.        We ask that all vendors remain in their designated area and not roam the event passing out pamphlets, etc. Vendors who do not stay in their designated areas will be given one warning. Following a second violation, the group will be asked to leave the event and will be suspended from future Newark Parks & Recreation events.


      13.        Vehicles will be able to re-enter vendor drop off and pick up areas for break down at 4:00pm.


      14.        If you have any problems during the event, please report it to the Information Booth, located on Delaware Avenue.


      15.        If you have any questions or concerns prior to the event, please call (302) 366-7060 or (302) 366-7033 x209 (after hours message).


      16.       Please call the Leisure Time Hotline after 7AM if weather looks questionable. Leisure Time Hotline -  (302) 366-7147.


      17.       The University of Delaware requests the following for the safety of visitors:


      1)   We request that you use paper or Styrofoam products (i.e. plates, cups, etc.)

      2)   Glass bottles are prohibited in this area. 

      3)   Please be considerate.  Do not throw trash directly onto the ground. 




      Leisure Time Hotline

      (302) 366-7147

      For cancellation information






      Sharon Bruen

      Recreation Supervisor, Community Events

      City of Newark

      Department of Parks and Recreation

      220 Elkton Road

      Newark, DE 19711

      Phone (302) 366-7060

      Fax (302) 366-7169





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