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Fwd: From Dick Boddie: My Ann

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    Fellow Libertarians, Please keep Dick Boddie in your thoughts and prayers. ____________________________________ From: rboddie@earthlink.net Sent: 11/3/2009
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      Fellow Libertarians,
      Please keep Dick Boddie in your thoughts and prayers.

      From: rboddie@...
      Sent: 11/3/2009 1:43:37 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
      Subj: My Ann

      Though you don't know her, you do know me....

      As of today my bride is on a respirator and it is keeping her alive
      so her sister Edith can see her (and vice versa) before she passes
      on. Edith has never been to California in all of our years here. She
      and sister Gwen, who has been a rock for us in this challenge over the
      past year and a half, will be here on Saturday, and then we'll release
      Ann to eternity. It's quite sad, but it's been coming for many months
      now. I am so thankful for the time to prepare for this and consciously
      cherish our life together since February or so. Absent pain, which she
      was, slow is far more acceptable to me than fast.

      She took a turn for the worse Friday, the day after her 68th birthday.
      We all had a chance to be with her on Thursday at the Manor Care
      nursing home, but the next day when I arrived after they changed her to
      a long term care room form the rehab room she had been in since 10/10,
      I knew she was not well.  Her breathing was really labored and she had
      a high fever, so I asked to have her taken back to the Orange Coast
      Memorial Hospital in Fountain Valley where she had been from 10/5 to
      10/10 due
      to inability to walk at all (even with the walker she had been using
      since July), severe short term memory loss, and possibly several recent
      undetected mini seizures we were told later, which had apparently been
      going on for a few weeks before.

      So that's the latest, and I felt the need to share this with our many
      dear friends, family, neighbors and any who might care or be
      interested.  And again so sad, but as I say, it's real life.

      Our daughters and their family have been just amazing in their
      approach, thoughtfulness, commitment, insights and all during these
      trying times. But all of their lives Ann and I held family meetings
      when we had big issues that effected the five of us, and that is
      proving to be a real positive now.

      Thankfully Ann and I have had over 50 years together, and so many
      memories and all to cherish.


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