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Feeding the beast and LNC Report

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  • RLeeWrights@aol.com
    My latest offering. Please feel free to comment. -- Lee Feeding the beast by R. Lee Wrights The mindset of legislating for the betterment of society
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2003
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      My latest offering.  Please feel free to comment.  --  Lee

      Feeding the beast
      by R. Lee Wrights

      "The mindset of legislating for the betterment of society guarantees
      the growth of the beast. ... Politicians see government as a solution
      but the people see government as part of the problem. Beastly
      bureaucracy is born out of good intentions married to poor solutions.
      Only when politicians realize what constituents already know will the
      true problem even be addressed much less solved. More government
      always translates into less freedom."


      Also available is Sean Haugh's LNC Meeting Report March 22-23, 2003, Atlanta GA at: http://libertyforall.net/2003/archive/may18/lnc-report.html

      Only interested in Liberty,

      R. Lee Wrights

      Editor-in-chief, Liberty For All http://www.libertyforall.net
      At-large Representative, Libertarian National Committee http://www.lp.org
      Vice Chairman, Libertarian Party of North Carolina http://www.lpnc.org
      Chairman, Libertarian Party of Forsyth County http://www.lpforsyth.org
      Editor, Rational Review News Digest http://www.rationalreview.com/news/index.html
      Contributing Editor, Rational Review http://www.rationalreview.com

      "I never consider a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend."  - Thomas Jefferson

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