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3 Reports on 2002 LP Natl Convention

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  • Carol Moore in dc
    Dear 2002 Delegates and other Libertarians: This is a final e-mail regarding the 2002 Convention. Below are links to three reports on the Convention for your
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2002
      Dear 2002 Delegates and other Libertarians:

         This is a final e-mail regarding the 2002 Convention. Below are links to three reports on the Convention for your consideration.

      1.  Carol Moore's Convention Report http://www.carolmoore.net/libertarianparty/convention2002report.html, as published in the Sept. 2002 LIBERTY Magazine, with additional material which omitted from the LIBERTY article, as well as a few updating comments.
          Included are: details of both LNC meetings that you will not read about for months from the current secretary; the real skinny on the new marketing director; details of the accounting problems with LPNEWS; failings in the LP media effort; why LP staff reported a speakers actions to the FBI; bylaws and platform changes; blow by blow description of Winter the Hawk vs. Browne the Dove on the response to 9/11; how Elias Israel undermined his own Chair Campaign; how selfish self-promoters tried to wrest LP Awards from 3 fallen heroes; glimpses of hope that the LP will survive all the intrique and remain a useful tool for achieving liberty, despite the opprotuntists and apparatchiks it so often attracts.

      2.  Libertarians for Peace http://www.libertarians4peace.net has a short report in its NEWS section on hawks vs. doves struggle during the convention. (Even more details are included in Carol Moore's report.)  In short, the "hawks" who would turn the party into a more pro-intervention, less human rights oriented, party were largely defeated in their races for the National Committee.  (But there are still enough on the LNC and on staff to produce a 24 page brochure that fails to mention ending US military aid to and alliances with foreign nations.)

      3.   The Pro-Choice Libertarians page http://www.pro-choicelibertarians.net includes the Pro-Choice Libertarians Letter to the 2002 LP Platform Committee; Robert Murphy's Platform Proposal; a short Report on 2002 LP Convention; Reasons to Keep Government Out of Abortion and Links.  The report itself says:       Regarding the always controversial abortion issue, Robert Murphy proposed a stronger statement of the party’s position.  But other members were happy to leave the plank as it was.  One women even quoted from the Pro-Choice Libertarians leaflet requesting the LP do just that.  See above...
              ...At each convention the delegates vote on whether to “retain” each plank of the Platform. Abortion prohibitionists were ecstatic to note that the Women’s Rights plank passed by only 53%. However, at least one Platform Committee member, helped by several friends, encouraged delegates to vote “none of the above” on the whole platform as a way of showing support for the Platform Committee’s proposal to re-write the platform. Considering that 73% was the highest percentage garnered by any plank, it is likely that this effort cut down the Women’s Rights plank’s vote total by at least ten points. See www.dehnbase.org/lpus/library/conv/vote-plat.html  for all totals.  So don’t believe any abortion prohibitionist who tries to tell you that delegates almost dumped the plank!

      For liberty and against interventionism in whatever clever guise it clothes itself...
      Carol Moore

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