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  • Chris Azzaro
    Changing the World ... One Local Election at a Time! By Chris Azzaro, Founder and Executive Director, Libertarian Victory Fund Are you a supporter of winnable
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2001
      Changing the World ... One Local Election at a Time!

      By Chris Azzaro, Founder and Executive Director, Libertarian Victory

      Are you a supporter of winnable local Libertarian campaigns? Have you
      ever wished that the party would really focus it's resources on these
      races? Have you ever wished that there was an organization out there
      that knew how to effectively identify the best local campaigns, and
      provide quality training and support to them? Well, you don't have to
      wish for this anymore. There's an exciting new political action
      committee emerging on the national Libertarian horizon called the
      Libertarian Victory Fund (LVF). Targeting, training, and supporting
      winnable LP campaigns is what we're all about! That is our mission!

      The LVF was established in February, and has already begun making a
      difference for local candidates across the country. In just a few
      short months, we've already supported two winning local campaigns,
      sent six campaign activists to professional training schools, and
      distributed over 200 copies of our free campaign training manual to
      Libertarians from coast to coast. We're quite proud of our
      accomplishments! But we're just getting started!

      My name is Chris Azzaro. I'm from Las Vegas, and I am the founder and
      Executive Director of the organization. In 1999 and 2000 I served as
      the state director of the Nevada Libertarian Party, and under my
      direction, the Nevada LP won the prestigious Robert Lehman Award for
      being the fastest growing state party in the country over a two year
      period. I've also worked with former Mayor of Bellflower, CA Art
      Olivier on his winning primary campaign last year. But most
      Libertarians know me best for my work as the campaign manager for
      James Dan's record-breaking state assembly campaign in Nevada last
      year. I'm someone with a passion for winning local politics, and
      that's why I started the Libertarian Victory Fund -- to dedicate my
      heart and soul towards the cause of freedom on the local level where
      we can make a real difference.

      I've assembled a star-studded advisory board for the LVF to help
      provide expertise in supporting local campaigns. The board consists
      of some of the most successful Libertarian candidates in the entire
      party, such as Mayor Bonnie Flickinger (Moreno Valley, CA), Sheriff
      Bill Masters (San Miguel County, CO), and County Commissioner Trudy
      Austin (Morgan County, TN).

      One of the main goals of the Libertarian Victory Fund is to target
      the most winnable Libertarian campaigns in the country, and provide
      enough support to boost them to victory. This is done through direct
      contributions, and independent expenditures on behalf of the
      campaigns. As I mentioned before, the LVF has played an important
      role in two big victories this year. One in Massachusetts and one in

      Now we are looking for more wins in the upcoming November elections.
      We have several exciting campaigns that we have already targeted. All
      of them have a great chance of producing Libertarian wins. Bob
      DeBrosse is a two-term incumbent Libertarian City Commissioner in
      Piqua City, OH. Andy LeCureaux and Jerry Horton are challenger
      candidates for city council seats in Michigan and Massachusetts,
      respectively. All three of these campaigns have received strong
      support. Several additional races will probably be targeted as well,
      and we're currently considering campaigns in Washington, Florida, New
      Hampshire, North Carolina, and Ohio. Come November, it's going to be
      very exciting time in which we should be seeing some big Libertarian
      victories in these races!

      In addition to the campaign support, the LVF also provides all-
      expenses-paid scholarships to some of the best professional campaign
      training schools in the country. Six Libertarian candidates and
      campaign managers have already been given scholarships this year, and
      we hope to provide even more in the coming months.

      We've also published a 15 page guide to running effective campaigns
      for local office. This manual covers the all the basics in a concise,
      easy to read format, and is being offered free-of-charge to
      Libertarian candidates and campaign activists throughout the country!
      As I said before, over 200 copies have already been distributed.

      If you would like to learn more about our activities, make a
      contribution, or request a free training manual, please visit our
      website at ... http://www.LibertarianVictoryFund.com

      And while you're there, be sure to sign up our free online
      newsletter. It features reports on the best local LP campaigns in the
      country, stories about legislative victories being won by elected
      Libertarians, and free campaign tips from professional consultants.
      We're very proud to say that our newsletter is being hailed by many
      as one of the best Libertarian publications available today. To sign
      up, go to ... http://www.LibertarianVictoryFund.com/subscribe.htm. I
      hope you will enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy publishing it.

      I think we all know just how important it is to continue electing
      more and more Libertarians to local offices around the country. This
      is something that is vital to the future of our party. The importance
      of electing more Libertarians cannot be understated.

      Elected Libertarians are the foundation of our party. They give us
      credibility and prestige. They serve as living proof that
      Libertarians can, and do, win elections. They prove that Libertarians
      have effective, pro-freedom solutions to everyday problems that
      really do work.

      And Libertarian officeholders are able to immediately effect people's
      lives for the better by reducing taxes, privatizing services, and
      protecting our personal freedoms. They aren't just talking about
      freedom; they're in a position to actually make it happen . . . and
      they can do it right now!

      But in addition to the short-term benefits of electing more
      Libertarians to local offices, some very important long-term goals
      are also achieved. By expanding the amount of elected officials in
      the Libertarian Party, we are effectively creating a "farm team" of
      experienced and skilled candidates that can move up to higher office
      in the future, and win more and more victories for freedom.

      So any way you look at it, electing more Libertarians to local
      offices is essential to our future success. And that's what the
      Libertarian Victory Fund is all about -- getting Libertarians

      Get involved! Be part of the success! Help us build a powerful force
      for freedom!

      We need to raise funds to continue supporting our targeted campaigns,
      as well as pick up a few new ones, for the upcoming local elections
      this November. So if you are someone who wants to see more
      Libertarian victories at the local level, please consider supporting
      the Libertarian Victory Fund today! You'll be glad you did!

      And in exchange for your contribution, you'll have the satisfaction
      of knowing that you are supporting the cause of freedom in a way that
      will have an immediate effect in local politics around the country,
      as well as helping to build a stronger Libertarian movement that will
      last for generations to come!

      Again, the website is http://www.LibertarianVictoryFund.com

      Let's start changing the world ... one local election at a time!

      # # #
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