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Libertarian Victory Fund

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  • Chris Azzaro
    Libertarian PAC Supports Local Campaigns NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV -- Local Libertarian campaigns across the country now have a new resource for training and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2001
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      Libertarian PAC Supports Local Campaigns

      NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV -- Local Libertarian campaigns across the country
      now have a new resource for training and support, and it's called the
      Libertarian Victory Fund (LVF).

      Founded in February of this year, the LVF was designed to target,
      train, and support quality Libertarian candidates running in
      potentially winnable races. In just three short months, the new PAC
      is already up and running, and making a real difference in
      Libertarian campaigns from coast to coast.

      "We are very impressed with the support we have received from
      Libertarians across the country," said Executive Director Chris
      Azzaro. "We've been able to immediately begin training and supporting
      our candidates."

      The LVF, based in Nevada, is set up as a 527 nonprofit political
      organization, and is backed by a star-studded board of advisors
      consisting of 12 elected Libertarians.

      One of the main priorities of the LVF is to identify quality local
      campaigns and provide targeted support to boost them to victory. This
      is done through direct contributions, and independent expenditures on
      behalf of the campaigns.

      Several campaigns have already received support, and so far the
      results have been very good. The LVF scored its first targeted
      victory on May 1st when David Atkinson won reelection to the Board of
      Selectmen in Provincetown, MA.

      "The Atkinson race was a great way to get things started," said
      Azzaro. "And we're very optimistic about our next two races, as well."

      LVF only supports campaigns that can demonstrate in advance that they
      have a legitimate shot at winning, based on objective criteria.

      "Most contributors don't have the time or resources to evaluate these
      campaigns to see which ones are the most worthy of support, so we do
      all the work for them"

      "Just think of us as Libertarian Investment Advisors," added Azzaro.

      The LVF also provides professional training services, and has already
      sent four LP candidates and campaign managers to a week-long school
      in Virginia. A 15 page campaign training manual is also being offered
      free-of-charge, and over 100 copies of the publication have been
      distributed to Libertarians throughout the country.

      "We need to run high-quality, professional campaigns -- that's what
      it takes to win, and that's why these training programs are so

      The LVF publishes a free online newsletter entitled "Libertarian
      Victory News" which offers coverage of competitive local races,
      reports on the accomplishments of elected Libertarians, and tips on
      running effective campaigns.

      To learn more about the Libertarian Victory Fund, or to make a
      contribution, write to: Libertarian Victory Fund, 1306 West Craig Rd
      #158, North Las Vegas, NV 89032, or visit their website at
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