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New Castle County Meeting Sunday Nov. 19, 6:30 PM

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  • Georgej
    Meeting at Crossroads Cafe, Routes 2 and 7 (Kirkwood Highway and Limestone Roads). 6:30 PM to 8:10. Hope to see you there! On the agenda: I have had a number
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2006
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      Meeting at Crossroads Cafe, Routes 2 and 7 (Kirkwood Highway and
      Limestone Roads). 6:30 PM to 8:10. Hope to see you there!

      On the agenda: I have had a number of contacts during the last few
      weeks from Libertarians looking to get more involved, so hopefully
      we'll see some new faces. We normally meet in the back room, so as
      you walk in, look to your left, beyond the main dining room on the
      right side there is a smaller room, which occassionaly is curtained
      off...not often, due to overflow customers, but it's happened.

      Bill Morris intends to make an appearance and discuss some ways we can
      better publicize the problems stemming from the war on drugs
      (sometimes referred to as the war on the American people). If you can
      offer Bill a ride, contact him directly or let me know (email).

      IRV, instant runoff voting. Other minor parties in Delaware are
      interested on forming a coalition to work on this issue and lobby our
      state pols. Are you interested? Find out more at the meeting.

      I will dig out various roles that members of the party could fill.
      Everett and I had kicked around roles that were needed, and Everett
      wrote them up, things that would help us function better. Everett was
      great for seeing things that needed doing, how they could be
      accomplished, and setting about getting it done without a lot of talk.
      I miss Everett and his efforts.

      David Okner and I led discussion last meeting on boosting LP
      registration in Delaware. I have contacted Elaine Manlove in the NCC
      Dept. of Elections office to find out what training we require (by the
      DOE) to run a private registration booth (in a non-partisan manner),
      but she has thus far ignored my contact. I also filed a complaint
      with Ms. Manlove that while the DOE website and election day news
      articles state that a utility bill could serve as id for voting, I was
      again refused to be allowed to vote without showing a state issued
      picture id. People occassionaly ask for information on what is
      required to vote, and I cannot authortatively tell them when the
      election staff will not follow the stated procedures and policies.
      The election day staff at my place of voting seemed to have
      conflicting information with respect to allowing a utility bill as id.
      I have gotten no response from Ms. Manlove or the DOE on either issue.

      Ok, let me know if you would like to add things to these public agenda
      notes (sometimes its good to get people thinking on your issue/idea
      in advance), or simply bring item(s) up at the meeting.

      Congrats to Bill Morris and David Okner for obtaining significant and
      historically in line vote totals/percentages when we fielded a rather
      thin ticket with only the two of them.

      See you Sunday! Bring a friend, no dining required (though we have
      some hearty eaters in our midst).

      In Liberty,

      George Jurgensen
      LPD chair
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